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Topic: My Daughter
Message: Posted by: Bill Nuvo (Jan 25, 2008 10:42PM)
My daughter (11) performed with me for the first time last night. Something told me to go with her even though she is quiet and shy. She really shone that night, getting the crowd to shout "yo ho!" (it was a pirate themed party). After the show, we talked about the energy she felt from the crowd and the fact that she was tired from the show because she put so much out there.

As a father, I am very proud of this moment.

Anybody else use their children/family members as part of the show?
Message: Posted by: Vegasvent (Jan 26, 2008 03:52AM)
I have used both of my daughters during various shows. The first time they were excited about it. After that they were reluctant.
Message: Posted by: Police Magician (Jan 31, 2008 10:27AM)
I used my daughter once many years ago. She was nervous but did a good job. When assisting a friend of mine, we also used my twin daughters for an illusion. One vanished from the box and it seemed she appeared in the bleachers on the top row. They loved doing that and got fifty dollars each for it.

Now, I have my grandson learning magic and puppets. He is shy as well. If I could only break him out of his shell.

Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Feb 1, 2008 06:29PM)
I've worked with my daughter for 12 years and can't imagine trying to use another assistant. Other than perhaps having your wife assist you, this is as good as it gets.
Message: Posted by: alexa (Feb 2, 2008 04:34PM)
I have been helping my dad with shows in some way or another since I was a toddler, literally. Now I act as his agent and book out myself. This fall, when I turn 18, I hope to be full-time.

Message: Posted by: Bill Nuvo (Feb 3, 2008 06:47AM)
Alexa, were you always into performing with dad? Did you have moments, like ventriloguy says, where you were reluctant? When did you know that this was a course that you wanted to follow in your own life?
Message: Posted by: alexa (Feb 4, 2008 02:04PM)
Oh Gosh, when I was younger, I absolutely HATED it. My dad could never advertise that he brought an assistant because sometimes right before I'd refuse to go or would end up pouting in the car while he did the show. It's weird to look back. I remember I could do Professor's Nightmare when I was five, and I look back at when I was six and my dad performed (as a clown, for some reason, since he wasn't a clown) and I crawled behind him and pulled his wig off at my birthday party.

When I was a pre-teen, I hated it because my dad was "cool"--the worst fate ever for a young girl to have to bear! We would go into restaurants and my steak would be under-cooked and, while we were waiting for the waiter to show up, dad would start levitating a dollar above the table. Pretty soon the whole wait staff would be gathered around, and there I was with an under-cooked and now COLD steak. It was embarrassing.

At age 11 or 12 I finally got interested in balloons and performance and magic, but I knew that after all that time of not liking it, I couldn't do what my dad did. So I became a clown, I learned face painting, big balloons, and now I do: http://www.princesslexiloo.com and http://www.educational-magic.com

Our styles are very different, but we both help each other out. It was a fun extracurricular until I was 15. Then, it became what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I would love to talk about it with you or your daughter further; feel free to go on my website and call sometime.

Good luck to you guys!

Message: Posted by: Bill Nuvo (Feb 6, 2008 07:36AM)
Thanks, Alexa.
Message: Posted by: afun14u (Feb 12, 2008 08:54AM)
WOW! Alexa, I am sure glad you're not in my home town...but then again, I am sure I would have to hire you myself for my daughter's party...LOVE the site and your act. Keep it up.

Robert Jones
Message: Posted by: alexa (Feb 15, 2008 03:09PM)
Thanks so much!

Message: Posted by: The Donster (Feb 21, 2008 10:28PM)
Alexa, it's good to hear that you found something that you, yourself, enjoy doing.
Message: Posted by: Bill Nuvo (Mar 24, 2008 07:48AM)
Hi Alexa (this is Jordyn talking, my dad is Mr. Bill).

I liked to do the show. It was fun. I was kinda scared to do it at first. When we got to the song when we sang and danced I wasn't scared. It was fun. I want to do more pirate shows. I also liked floating.