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Topic: The Tommy Wonder Video
Message: Posted by: therntier (Mar 4, 2003 08:39PM)
Can someone comment on how good the Tommy Wonder video is? I am looking for videos with amazing non-gimmicked effects. I just purchased Micheal Close - Too Close video and was midely dissapointed.
Message: Posted by: Symmatrix (Mar 4, 2003 08:49PM)
Well in tommy wonder tape.

It teaches you three effects that I like it a lot.

1) CHanging lighter to matchbox.

2)The simplest and most conviencing deck switch.

3)The impromtu torn in restore card.

Overall it is a good tape to have it.

Hope this info will help.

Best Regards
Message: Posted by: Dan LeFay (Mar 5, 2003 04:52AM)
Tommy will have a new DVD release from L&L somewhere...this year. You might wanna wait for that because there is a load of stuff, including his cups and balls!!!
Message: Posted by: jerdunn (Mar 5, 2003 12:46PM)
How about Richard Osterlind's Challenge Magic, Jay Sankey's coin video, and Danny Archer's Working Alone video?

Message: Posted by: Mark Butcher (Mar 5, 2003 02:55PM)
Depends on your definition of ungimmicked. There is some very strong card material on the tape that involves the use of gimmick or two but the deck itself was ungimmicked.

The Deck Switch that is taught is worth the price of tape.

Message: Posted by: Iain Moran (Mar 6, 2003 02:10AM)
You will learn far more than just tricks watching this video. Sure the effects are great, but Wonder's thinking is exceptional. Not too many videos will make you think as much as this one will do.

Amongst the effects are a very practical version of the T & R card, based on Paul Harris "Ultimate Rip Off" From Super Magic. Wonder's handling allows you to restore the last piece, and yes, only one card is used.

Tommy also clearly explains his card to box including his incredible card fold. The video concludes with Wonder shrinking the Deck so it will fit back in to the previously "shrunk" card case.

Like most Magicians, I have many, many videos, but this is a tape, I watch over and over again. Do yourself a favour, go and buy this right NOW!!!!

Hope this helps,