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Topic: Have a spotlight for........
Message: Posted by: enginemagic (Jan 31, 2008 10:35PM)
The person with the most posts.I know someone that can be the record holder on here for that one. (in eternal order) clue to this their posts # are equivelent to the model number of a Briggs & stratton 8 horse power lawn mower engine minus one last digit
yes its true some can be obsessed with a web site LOL. I can guilty of something like that when it comes to attending also exhibiting at the tractor,and engine shows during late summer & fall.
Its a novel fun idea to spice up this cool site.
Message: Posted by: enginemagic (Feb 1, 2008 01:38PM)
Answer to above question; 19= cubic inch 0=design series 3=Horizontal shaft,flowjet carb.8=plain bearing aux.PTO perpendictular to main PTO. drop the last digit 2=rewind starter.
this is the number of posts to this date on that one ,, my version of the persons Da Vinci code.