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Topic: Wayne Dobson - Inspirational Performance.
Message: Posted by: Glenn (Mar 9, 2003 08:48AM)
I know that he is mainly known as a close up magician but I was inspired to write it in this forum to help others.

Wayne Dobson is performing with Joe Pasquale on tour in the UK at the moment.

I have not seen him perform since his TV shows about 6 years ago and saw him last night in Tunnbridge Wells and was shocked to see that he has advanced MS (Multiple Sclerosis). After being carried to the centre of the stage on a chair (by Joe Pasquale) he performed a version of the tossed out deck as well as a close up coin/ note trick.

What was amazing was that although he was sat in the chair, barely able to use his arms, having to speak very slowly, he produced 45 minutes of outstanding spectator interaction, comedy, awesome patter and performance that had the audience transfixed.

At the start and end of his set he mentioned that he was unsure of how audiences would handle seeing someone with his condition performing a routine on stage.

All I can say is that the courage and professional skill that it must have taken to perform that well on stage will be an inspiration that hopefully many people will be able to enjoy and learn from. Spectators and magicians alike.

I am honoured to have had the privilege to have seen him perform.
Message: Posted by: Maritess (Mar 9, 2003 09:59AM)
I agree. I LOVE Wayne Dobson. He is an amazing performer. I saw him in Vegas a couple of years ago.

Message: Posted by: templemagic (Sep 18, 2003 03:46PM)

I know Wayne and I have had the pleasure of his company at FISM this year. He performed in one of the Gala shows again an outstanding performance as usual.

Wayne really is a really great bloke and one of nicest people in magic.

Long may he continue performing.