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Topic: reactions to dancing cane?
Message: Posted by: ChrisZampese (Mar 11, 2003 04:31PM)
Just wondering what reactions you get to the dancing cane. I have seen it performed (live, and on Jeff McBride on Stage Vol 3) and it just seems so obvious to me. The hand movements leave no other option, especially with around the back moves etc.

So I was wondering if you get good reactions to your routine, or do people tend to watch with that 'It has to be string' look on their faces?


Message: Posted by: Symmatrix (Mar 11, 2003 06:19PM)
Good Question Chris ! I totally agree with you. Hope that someone out there can answer this.


Message: Posted by: boltt223 (Mar 11, 2003 10:32PM)
Chris... I perform dancing cane whenever I have the right setting for it. I personally love doing it. Since I have friends and family in the audience they hear more good than bad comments. I still hear "How do you do that with the cane?" Answer... "It's magic". :smiles:
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Mar 12, 2003 12:30AM)
I added fire to my cane, and this dispells any obvious methods.

I float a living breathing girl and vanish her in mid air, and yet after the show the audience talks more about a floating stick that's on fire that vanishes into silks...go figure. Beautiful magic.

Message: Posted by: EddyRay (Mar 12, 2003 09:40AM)
When performing the dancing cane, remember the shorter routine the better. Try animating the cane more than actually making it float.

I use my dancing cane in only the shows where I have control of the lighting and staging.

The effect can be beautiful when in the right hands. :)
Message: Posted by: Magique Hands (Mar 12, 2003 12:33PM)
I close my show with the Dancing Cane, but the cane itself does not float or dance at any one time for more than 20 seconds.

Watch Dirk Losander perform his routine... I''m sure you'll be a believer. The beauty and 'wonderment' of the effect should truly camoflage your method. If the audience is guessing ******, then the performer is doing something to tell them that (either by his hand movements, cane swings and moves, etc...).

Reactions... people remember the cane that floated and danced around as I said my goodnights.

- - Troy
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Mar 12, 2003 02:01PM)
Brevity is important when performing the Dancing Cane. Do ANYTHING long enough and you feed the audience exposure vs. wonder. I like the idea of 20 or 30 seconds. Thanks Troy.

How many brief moments last forever in our minds? Think about it.
Message: Posted by: 1908 (Mar 19, 2003 04:25PM)
Personally, I can say that is my worst trick! It is too obvious even with a good performance ... there are so many other great floating effects than the dancing cane...
Message: Posted by: inidyls (Mar 19, 2003 04:59PM)
Killer effect , but keep it short! :kewl:
Message: Posted by: EddyRay (Mar 21, 2003 07:58PM)
I agree inidyls. Short and sweet. Less is more. :subtrunk:
Message: Posted by: Luke Sherratt (Mar 23, 2003 09:36AM)

I disagree with you. The dancing cane is one of the best tricks ever, the longer the routine the better. I do it in my act. When I do around the body go around with it. It takes people's minds off looking for a thread.

Go to a guy called Loki. Go to his site, he sells canes that are the lightest on the market. They are £15.99p (that's about $25) and buy his notes on the dancing cane too. It's worth it. Go to http://www.magicweek.co.uk then click on Magicians then go down the list and click on Loki.

Luke :) :magicrabbit: :bikes:
Message: Posted by: BIlly James (Mar 25, 2003 11:38PM)
All I can add to the above is to keep BOTH hands moving, especially the one connected to the cane, when I discovered this my routine improved 100%.

As far as audience reaction, I have found this to be extremely mystical, unexplainable and magical for an audience. Mind you I AM from Australia, we have animals here that jump up and down. :)

Message: Posted by: johnr733 (Mar 30, 2003 09:01PM)
Having had the opportunity to see Peter Pitt do it, I can honestly say this— if it is performed right, it is breathtaking to behold. I don't think time matters, but it helps a lot if you're a good dancer. Like Fred Astaire dancing with a hat rack; people would end up being mesmerised by both the magic and the dexterity of the performer.
Message: Posted by: Backroomboy (Apr 5, 2003 03:01AM)
Peter Pitt was the best performer who did the dancing cane. But that was late sixties, early seventies. It has fallen into disuse since then.

Precisely because of that, it would probably be all right to use it again. But— I have to agree that the routine should be kept short, preferably woven into a routine and not presented entirely on its own.

There are some great moves, although they belie the fact that it's a ***** gag. Watch some old videos of Peter Pitt if you get the chance.
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Apr 5, 2003 03:27PM)
I saw Ben Caesar perform it a few years ago, when he had won a few contests. His routine was great! A good routine can make all the difference.
Message: Posted by: yosef_dov (May 5, 2003 10:32AM)

My use of dancing cane is this: I come out with it in hand... then I trip on something and the cane flies out of my hand - oops! But the cane doesn't fall down, it tries to run away from me... I manage to grab it, but then the naughty thing turns into a candle and a silk... how bizarre...

P.S. YES! It's very tricky getting it all
"working" and balanced right...


Oh yeah...
If you work with Fantasio stuff, or want to, GET HIS BOOK!

Message: Posted by: M-Illusion (May 5, 2003 09:44PM)
I've been getting an incredible response with the cane for the past few years. (Been doing it for about 10 & those first few years weren't so great!) I make sure to only do a few moves & do them well. The routine is only about a minute long, but that's all it takes. Any more than that & you can kill the effect. At least that's my experience anyway.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Dec 13, 2004 12:01AM)
Check out my Dancing Cane 101 DVD at: http://www.store.yahoo.com/magicmusicandmore-store/prmadaca.html
Message: Posted by: ufo (Dec 13, 2004 10:42AM)
Well I agree with most of what each of you has said...obviously the trick is a classic because it can really look like magic! Also obviously it has a very direct method and therefore is easy to tip if you aren't very clever.
Keeping it short is one key and the other is for you to do all that nasty homework on picking "that special material needed" for the method and learning about lighting and how it affects varying performance environments.
I love the cane but never do it anymore for fear of exposure unless the circumstance is just right and then...it kills! Good luck and keep em flying.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Dec 13, 2004 12:49PM)
Less is more.
Learn to DANCE.
Think about the same thing with a golf club.
Message: Posted by: rosfrog (Dec 13, 2004 04:46PM)
I used to use a dancing cane routine some years ago - I was lucky enough to have a beautiful balsa wood cane from International Magic in London - they don't supply them any more though and a friend broke mine by stepping on it (should I say ex-friend?).

I have since not found a cane that fits my needs so have stopped performing it BUT in the right hands it is a wonderful effect. Try to think outside the box - focus on having the cane stick to you and suspend more than actually making it float also take some dancing lessons from a local school - it will pay great dividends.
Message: Posted by: GarySumpter (Mar 13, 2006 07:53AM)
Great thread guys!

I disagree that the dancing cane routine needs to be less than 30 seconds, HOWEVER, I think that the cane should never be airborne for more than 10 seconds at a time.

Like sex, the foreplay is what will get the audience tingling, building them up to the big climax, then hit them with it!

(not literally)

Message: Posted by: James Adamson (Mar 13, 2006 09:01AM)
Look at Dmann's video at the link he provided and tell me you don't see the magic in the effect!

James Adamson
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 13, 2006 06:19PM)
Thanks for sticking up for me James, I sure appreciate your friendship! By the Way DANCING CANES ARE HERE!
Here is a different link for anyone interested that doesn't already know about the DVD: http://www.precisionmagic.com/Dancing%20Cane%20101%20DVD.htm
Message: Posted by: James Adamson (Mar 13, 2006 06:48PM)

Great news, as I know that there are a lot of us waiting for it to arrive at our doorstep.

Will the 201 upgrades be hard to add to the new 101 module when the 201s come out?

James Adamson
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 13, 2006 07:06PM)
It is tedious to do! But, I will re-work 101 canes for people and insert the 201 gimmick in it.
Message: Posted by: Kent Wong (Mar 14, 2006 08:58AM)

Does this mean I have to buy another cane from you? I'm still in love with the 101 cane!

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 14, 2006 09:15AM)
No you really don't need another cane...Gee, I never thought I would hear myself say that. The 201 Cane was developed as a finale to a dancing cane routine. It has a limited ability, because of the method of operation.
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Mar 14, 2006 09:19AM)
David, when would you be releasing the 201 gimmick?
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 14, 2006 09:23AM)
Soon! Lots of logistics to work out, like the difficulty in writing the instructions, how to install the device as it is cumbersome and difficult. I would rather sell 201 canes already finished.
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Mar 14, 2006 04:29PM)
Would you be releasing the 201 canes soon? Which one comes first - releasing the 201 gimmicks first or the 201 canes first? Or both together.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 14, 2006 04:40PM)
James I will probably release them together sometime soon. Actually, I need to get all the 101 canes out, because there are a lot of them to go to customers., then, I will concern myself with the 201's
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Mar 14, 2006 04:50PM)
Thanks, David. Looking forward to the 201s whenever you are ready to release them.
Message: Posted by: GarySumpter (Mar 15, 2006 06:29AM)
I haver watched a lot of dancing cane performance clips recentlt and ALL but one show the method off blatantly.

ALL but one of the performers have such bad timing that it is perfectly clear that you are swinging a stick.

The ONE performer that seems to have no connection to the cane is Dmann, his performance of the cane blows me away, it's so graceful and magicial.

that's the way the cane SHOULD be performed!

Message: Posted by: kregg (Mar 15, 2006 09:10AM)
Having seen Copperfield's routine, I'd say Dmann is in a very small club.
The one thing I have noticed, when watching cane routines, is how most magician's fail to isolate body movements. This is taught in mime and dance to create illusions. If one moves the body in the opposite direction the cane is traveling, an illusion of separation is established. Much like when in a parked car; the vehicle beside you moves, giving the sensation that you are moving (granted on stage it is more subtle).

Try it, tape it.
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Mar 15, 2006 01:24PM)
Gary, I agree with you fully. Dmann's dancing cane is full of life by itself. It's like it is playing and moving with the performer - like two lovers dancing to the rhythm of the music.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 15, 2006 10:53PM)
I saved the best for last...at least for dancing cane.
Message: Posted by: James Adamson (Mar 18, 2006 11:41AM)

Got my complete package for David's Dancing Cane. Wonderful and very professional. I will write up a full review in the Tricks & Effects section soon.

James Adamson
Message: Posted by: kregg (Mar 18, 2006 12:51PM)
On 2006-03-18 12:41, James Adamson wrote:


I can't imagine DMann's 201 being any better than my (new) 101.

Message: Posted by: James Adamson (Mar 18, 2006 01:29PM)

My understanding is that the 201 is meant to be used in conjunction with the 101 as a finale' as the moves are much more limited.

Still, I will be interested to see David's 201 capabilities when he releases it.

Also, if you did not get the DVD, order it now as it is top notch with all of the moves explained for the performance video.

James Adamson
Message: Posted by: ricker (Mar 18, 2006 01:32PM)

Just wait until you see Christian perform the cane at SEAM. As a student of David, the student is close to teaching the teacher...

Yes, you go from the 101 to the 201. The 201 can do a lot of moves the 101 can do, but the extended moves can only be done with the 201.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 18, 2006 02:39PM)
On 2006-03-18 14:32, ricker wrote:

Just wait until you see Christian perform the cane at SEAM. As a student of David, the student is close to teaching the teacher...

Hey Ricker working on your 201 cane it should be finished next week! As to the student being close to the teacher in skills? I have to tell you that he is! But, a good teacher never tips his hand entirely to any student!
Message: Posted by: ricker (Mar 18, 2006 04:11PM)
Thanks David. I know we're both proud of Christain. I just wish more people could see him in action. Maybe I'll dub down the seam perforence and put it up on the web, so they can see him all. His performance at Winter Carnival was even better than SEAM though.

With his permission of course.
Message: Posted by: magician211 (Mar 18, 2006 07:40PM)
Of course you can! Thanks for the kind words both of you guys! Hey Rick, you don't happen to have a dvd recorder to you? I need to get some VHS's to dvd form. Later
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 18, 2006 09:03PM)
I hope everyone who recieved the New 101 Dancing Cane is satisfied! If you have not recieved yours yet, the remaining canes and sets go out on Monday. So wether your in Australia, China, Japan, Germany, UK, or whole lot of other countries too numerous to mention; The finest Dancing Cane ever made is on its way.
Message: Posted by: ricker (Mar 18, 2006 10:26PM)
Christain, just send em down and Ill dub them from VHS to DVD, no problem.
Message: Posted by: ricker (Mar 19, 2006 12:23AM)
For those that haven't seen Christain do the cane, here's his performance at SEAM 2005.

He's even better now.

Message: Posted by: kregg (Mar 19, 2006 08:11AM)
I went for the package deal.
Every magician who hated the problematic canes of the past should pony up and buy the package. You won't be sorry you did. I couldn't believe the weight and the balance (Perfect!).

Message: Posted by: GarySumpter (Mar 26, 2006 11:28AM)
For those that haven't seen Christain do the cane, here's his performance at SEAM 2005.

He's even better now.


Sorry to chip in on a negative. I have a lot of respect for all performers and I know that a lot of work goes into the cane.

However, the video on that link really was the worst performance of the dancing cane I have seen. The movements gave the method away completely and that performer was just a wannabe of Dmann, to the point where it was just silly!

Sorry but I think that performance needs to be really smoothed out before being performed on stage!

Who will be first to have a go at me for saying something negative on the Café??

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 26, 2006 12:00PM)
No Garry, you are right! I must say in Christians defense that he has greatly improved since that competition.
Message: Posted by: Jacob Smith (Mar 26, 2006 12:13PM)
Dave do you have another clip of Christian performing the 201 cane routine?
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 26, 2006 01:33PM)
Yes, I have a copy of the performance at the Columbus, Magi-fest. But Christians Father is supposed to set me up with a copy of the Winter Carnival Performance. If I can get that I will post it on my site and on this link.
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Mar 26, 2006 01:53PM)

Sorry to chip in on a negative. I have a lot of respect for all performers and I know that a lot of work goes into the cane.

However, the video on that link really was the worst performance of the dancing cane I have seen. The movements gave the method away completely and that performer was just a wannabe of Dmann, to the point where it was just silly!

Sorry but I think that performance needs to be really smoothed out before being performed on stage!

Who will be first to have a go at me for saying something negative on the Café??


How old is this kid? I'm not sure of his age but I'd have to give him high marks for putting together a routine and mastering some tricky moves at a young age. Sure.... some of the moves telegraph the method but this goes with many dancing cane routines done by many magicians who tackle this effect. I liked the music but the routine was a bit fast paced for the slower pace of the music. If he sticks with this music I'd suggest he do more of a slower, elegant dance with the cane.

Any problems I have with the routine would all be based on "beginners inexperience" and I'd expect this performers dedication and future experience to overcome this with time. I surely don't think this is the worst I've seen. In fact I was quite impressed all things considered. Keep up the hard work, rehearsal and dedication to your art your reap your rewards some day soon. Don't let comments like " worst I've seen" hit you were it hurts. That's showbiz! You can't please everyone. Get used to it now and carry on!


Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Mar 26, 2006 03:24PM)
Hmmmm...as nit-picky as I am, I loved it. I don't have speakers hooked up at this computer so no music. The only objection I have to this and similarly lengthy performances of the Dancing Cane is the length of performance being too long. Otherwise, no harm done! I sense he's only getting better with daily practice.

We've already had a discussion regarding how long one should perform it. Some were OK with as much as five minutes and some, like myself, insisted on a much shorter performance.

I recently acquired a Dancing Candle from member Robert Haas (thanks Haas!) and have kept that down to about 30 seconds!

Again, great job Christian and if he was better in the upcoming video clip then job well done! I once received the highest compliment and a hurtful critique from two people in a ten minute period. Both were 'seasoned' performers. There's an emotional roller coaster ride for ya. Just stick with it.

Gary since this was the worst you've seen, maybe you can give Christian some pointers that will raise his performance level to at least satisfactory? Maybe he can even get some of those business cards you offer. I'm sure they are superior to most on the market yes?
Message: Posted by: magician211 (Mar 26, 2006 03:52PM)
I respect your opinion and I view the same way. I wasn't that good. I have updated many stuff and I will be posting another video soon. I am I guess a wannabe David Mann he is my mentor. I look up to him and where I want to be with the Dancing cane and in magic.

I am 14 going on 15 in April. Thanks for the kinda words as well. My music has changed since that video. It better fits my character now. I'll make sure to get a video of my act for all of you to view and how much I've added and took out. I now dance the cane with a silk.

That was one of my old long performances. I am probably down to 2 minutes with it and 1 minute with the 201. I will be sure to stick with it. What is magic without some constructive criticism? Also as above thank you for the kind words.

Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Mar 26, 2006 03:57PM)
Geez...not only is he good at what he does but is certainly a PRO in the manner he handles criticism. An awesome combination at 14! Just show and tell 'em Christian, when ya got class ya just can't help it.
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Mar 26, 2006 04:02PM)
On 2006-03-26 16:57, RandyStewart wrote:
Geez...not only is he good at what he does but is certainly a PRO in the manner he handles criticism. An awesome combination at 14! Just show and tell 'em Christian, when ya got class ya just can't help it.

I rest my case.


Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 26, 2006 06:29PM)
Nice website! I see that you also perform the floating sphere.
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Mar 26, 2006 06:40PM)

Tell DMann the story of the assistant who, well 'froze' when you need his assistance the most during the DWayne Floating Ball. Dmann has an appreciation for such effects but when he reads that story, it may be the last thing he ever reads as I thought it might be mine as well. Talk about the stuff that heart attacks are made of.
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Mar 26, 2006 06:49PM)
Thanks Dmann,

I've always loved any floating effect. I've been doing the DW ball and Zombie effects for about 12 years now. I had to chime in regards Christians performance because the Dancing Cane was something I gave up on way back when. It just seemed too difficult to master. This was before I learned that any good effect takes practice and hard work and doesn't just come out of a box ready to go. Christians performance showed me that he also understands that. ( but learned it much sooner in his career than I did ...good for him )

I've been sitting back reading the various posts recently from you and your gang of " levitation groupies". Kudos to you all for breathing new life into "floating effects" that were starting to fade away in the magic world. I'm staying tuned to see what you all come up with next.


Message: Posted by: GarySumpter (Mar 27, 2006 12:37PM)

I look forward to seeing the other video. No disrespect was intended.

I would definitely say consider shortening the cane, just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD.

By the way, you're a lot better than me, so feel free to send some pointers my way too! :P

Message: Posted by: The Drake (Mar 27, 2006 02:50PM)
On 2006-03-26 19:40, RandyStewart wrote:

Tell DMann the story of the assistant who, well 'froze' when you need his assistance the most during the DWayne Floating Ball. Dmann has an appreciation for such effects but when he reads that story, it may be the last thing he ever reads as I thought it might be mine as well. Talk about the stuff that heart attacks are made of.

Thanks Randy.... Just when I had forgotten about that terrible day...you have to remind me!!!!!

Here is my sad tale....

About 6 years ago had to do a big wig corporate show with little notice. I added a part to my floating ball routine where did sort of a asrah/zombie type of effect where the ball would look like a zombie after the Okito method, but I'd let go of the cloth and it'd keep floating and then end in mid-air vanish. A friend of mine agreed to be the back stage operator for this effect. I told him not to worry as I'd direct him from the stage. " When I make a gesture with my hands in an upward direction...you make the ball go up and when I want it to come back down I'll make a gesture calling it down to me and you make it lower down to me."

We did this in rehearsal and it went flawless! When it came time to do it in front of an audience and the guy in the wings could hear the reaction of the audience ...he FROZE big time with stage fright. For those of you who can remember Jackie Gleason doing his " Huma, Huma, Huma" routine you'll be able to picture exactly what happened.

Anyway.... when I made a gesture for the ball to rise..... he panicked and the th**** slipped through his fingers sending the ball to the floor. There I am making my gesture and trying to speak out the side of my mouth so the audience wouldn't see me hollering ... UP! UP! UP! to the guy in the wings standing 10 ft from me. I was the one on stage looking foolish yet he was the one with stage fright.

He eventually made the ball jump off the floor but it swung like a pendulum and it did the opposite of what it was supposed to do. I'd gesture up and it'd jump down... I'd gesture down and it zoom up. It looked like a bad comedy act and I still have the tape from that show. I keep it to show friends when they think they had a bad show or we need a good laugh.

And NO! I will not post a clip from it. ( thought I'd say that up front for those of you who wanted to see it )


Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Mar 27, 2006 06:36PM)

Thanks for sharing that story. A nightmare of a story but I’ll remind you that it serves as an inspiration to me personally in that you obviously carried on both during that performance and in your magical career. Some could say you haven’t been around long enough until you experience your own performance horror story. This topic is not focused on mishaps by professional magicians but that story and a dove worker who missed the pocket during a toss vanish, and a world-renowned manipulator who had a production item (parasol) go off way before it was supposed to are some of the horror stories I’ve been told and in one case, seen footage of it. And these guys have a reputation and are some of the best!


Although I have a wicked sense of humor, believe me, I can’t and am positive never will be able to laugh at those moments. Perhaps my vivid imagination just keeps me in their shoes .

But thanks for being a sport and showing us when these things happen to a serious performer, they learn from it and carry on. I know it serves me well and am grateful.

I wonder if anyone would notice I've replaced the fine threading on some of my effects with 1/2" steel wire to avoid breakage during performance. Can't be too careful ya know! Hmmmm....
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Mar 27, 2006 06:56PM)
Hi Randy,

That story was the worst goof for me but there is always the time I was doing the linking hula hoops on live television and got the hoops all tangled up in the mic cord. I always perform with a wireless mic when I do my own shows but this TV studio only had wired ones. I asked for a test rehearsal but the show producer wouldn't hear of it. " If you can do your job...we will do ours" was her response.

When it came to the part of the routine where you step through a hoop and bring it over your head ... I couldn't finish that move because I had hooked the cord connected to my lapel mic with the hoop. I had to stop the routine there. All the more reason I insist on a dry run when ever I do any television spots now. The producer was very apologetic but the damage was done. Live and learn I guess. LOL



P.S. Maybe some day all us Café Members can have a " I'll show you mine if you show me yours" posting of our bad performance videos. LOL
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 27, 2006 07:41PM)
Ok!! Guys! Sorry, it took long for me to chime in, but Wow, what stories?

So, I will tell you only one of my Horror Stories that actually turned out alright. This was at Guntown Mountain in Cave City Kentucky 1972, I was doing 7 Magic Shows a day and 8 Gun Fights (Had to do double duty...no extra cash). I did the Saloon Show, that lasted about 35 minutes. Any how to the story...I spied this one kid from the audience before the show and talked him and his parents in to allowing him to help me during the performance.(a habit that I learned along time ago) Anyway the time came for the young lad to come up on stage...he got up from his chair and both legs literally went limp...the kid actually crawled onto the stage...After some calming he finally got to his feet. Well, I was doing a card effect where the card was torn-up and thrown in a glass and covered with a small tube with a plate on top of the tube. On the plate was a small piece of flashpaper. All, of this was placed on top of the boys head and ignited with a lighter. With the card being restored in the glass all but the one piece the boy was holding. Well, Lo and Behold! If I didn't catch the kids hair on fire...not just a little bit...but about 4 inches of hair completely bald from his forehead to almost his ears. Needless to say! This broke the entire audience up...as I truly hustled the boy back to his seat...again with the rubbery legs and all.

After the show was finally over I went over to see if the parents were .... off! Nope! they thought that was a part of the act and that their Son was extremely grateful for his on stage experience. I have to tell you that was the scariest day I ever had in a magic show.
Message: Posted by: John Bowlin (Mar 28, 2006 03:19AM)
Wow..after reading these stories I have so much to look forward to! Anyway..back to that ol' dancing cane. I was just at a lecture recently at Denny and Lee's and the performer had one of the best dancing cane routines I have ever seen. He kept it short..never let the cane fly too long and had it choreographed so that no one..and I mean no one could tell the hands had anything to do with it. Denny told me this guy had an amazing cane routine and he did, I modeled my own after it with my own touches. He showed us moves that blew everyone away. I'm only embarrassed I can't remember the guys name. But I do have his manuscript around here and if anyone would like to be put in contact with him just send me a pm. The manuscript was under $20 and worth it's weight in gold. I later combined what I learned there with Peter Lorough's gimmick and I have a jaw dropping 30 seconds of dancing cane now. When you keep it short and sweet and throw some flames in the audience swears you did stuff that would make Merlin drool.
Message: Posted by: wesz (Mar 28, 2006 04:31AM)
I think to get the best reaction for performing dancing cane is by learning some of these:
1. Learn to dance, I think when somebody finally learn how to master the gimmick, they only concentrate on the cane itself rather than body movement which I think is the most important thing on the act.
2. Learn mime. Mime did help me to put a soul to the cane.
3. Add a story. Finally I decide to add a story to my act. At least if something wrong happens, they will still enjoy the story even though I do it silent.
4. Just like you guys said, keep it short ... 30 sec is the best I think ...

Message: Posted by: GarySumpter (Mar 28, 2006 01:56PM)

don't suppose it was Loki? The guy looks like the Joker from Batman.

He is a local guy and first introduced me to the cane, he certainly is great at it!

Message: Posted by: srayproctor (Mar 28, 2006 06:46PM)

The magician you saw at Denny & Lee's was Sonny Narvaez.

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Mar 30, 2006 07:27AM)
Just wanted to let everyone know that the 201 cane will be released April 15th. Oh! Thanks, to you all for the kind words.
Message: Posted by: closeupmagician (Apr 5, 2006 07:38PM)
I'm definitely looking forward to its release.
Message: Posted by: John Bowlin (Apr 6, 2006 12:06PM)
Yes Sproctor it was Sonny Navarez, thanks.
Message: Posted by: whoton (May 31, 2006 10:26AM)
Christian, I enjoyed watching your act mate, keep up the good work.Some killa moves, a bit long of course, but it has all the potential in the world. Congrats! Its not easy to put your nuts on the line, and post your act on here to be critiqued by other magicians.
Message: Posted by: George Ledo (Jun 2, 2006 09:50PM)
The best -- flat out best -- routine with an inanimate object I've ever seen wasn't in a magic act. It was Fred Astaire dancing with a coat rack. That coat rack took on a life of its own, and didn't even have to float to do so.

I don't remember which movie it was in, but I have a large collection of F.A. movies and I'll see if I can figure it out this weekend and post the name here.

It's an education.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jun 8, 2006 11:14AM)
See if you can also find out who the magic advisor for the movie was. Although, not a magic act, but certainly orchestrated by a Magician.
Message: Posted by: George Ledo (Jun 9, 2006 09:30AM)
Well, I didn't even have to dig it out: a Google search turned it up. The movie was [i]Royal Wedding[/i] (1951), and the dance was choreographed by Fred with his long-time collaborator Hermes Pan. Definitely worth taking a look. The dance number has nothing to do with magic, but that coat rack can teach us lots about the dancing cane.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jul 16, 2006 11:10PM)
Sorry, it took so long for me to reply but I finally found The Movie and your right George that was terriffic.