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Topic: The LCCYEN Change
Message: Posted by: palmtreemagic! (Mar 15, 2008 04:32PM)
The color change was co-created independently, but there are a few variations out there. What do you guys think?

Message: Posted by: Medifro (Mar 16, 2008 02:07PM)
Very good. I'm fooled :)

~ Feras
Message: Posted by: Magikrn (Mar 16, 2008 02:34PM)
I would have been fooled if you didn't flash a giant flash.
Message: Posted by: Medifro (Mar 16, 2008 03:46PM)
Funny, because I actually was fooled because of the major flash.

It led me to a way, then the ending clean destroyed the path.

~ Feras
Message: Posted by: palmtreemagic! (Mar 16, 2008 06:16PM)
Haha ya, I did flash pretty badly.
Message: Posted by: Verricobl (Mar 16, 2008 06:36PM)
I thin its cool because it seems that you ended clean.
Message: Posted by: Justin Style (Mar 17, 2008 11:57AM)
Thanks for sharing.