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Topic: Best books/ videos on coins
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Oct 1, 2001 02:22AM)
What is in your view the best book/video out in the market on coins?

I've got Doug Brewer's and Troy Hooser's book, and I think both of them contained great stuff. Of course Bobo's a must to own.

Is there any underground type of manuscript/book out there on coins? :dance:
Message: Posted by: spherie (Oct 1, 2001 03:06AM)
Hi there,

for my opinion, performing the majority of the sleights in the Bobo book is a great challenge and thus this very book should be your "weapon of choice". I guess that´s the big consensus among all the coin magicians there are. Also have a look at http://www.ammarmagic.com, where Ammar himself offers a variety of videos/dvd (!) on this topic.


Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Oct 1, 2001 04:48AM)
Some other great books are "Expert Coin Magic" by David Roth and "Coin Magic" by Richard Kaufman. :nod:
Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Oct 1, 2001 10:48AM)
Hi Bernard,

You might try my video "the Coinjurer" From A-1. Or I have A lot of books. E-Mail me if you would like my Web Site/ Book list thanks.

Best David Neighbors

The Coinjurer
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Oct 1, 2001 11:35AM)
Hi David! :wavey:

WE welcome you with open arms to our magic community! :dancing:
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Oct 2, 2001 12:00AM)
Hi David sure like your list & web. E-mail me your lists. Thanks. :dance:
Message: Posted by: Spydur (Oct 31, 2001 08:19AM)
I actually have a set of notes out. Four effects using coins that can be performed as an entire act, or as individual effects. Any one who is interested can e-mail me. They are relatively underground, so I hope that I didn't cross the line by mentioning them here, I just thought that some one might be interested.


Message: Posted by: Robin Parker (Nov 29, 2001 01:54PM)
Little mention has been made of videos so I’ll add my 2 cents worth. Besides the Roth & Ammar videos, which are super, I want to mention Paul Cummins "Up in Smoke". I received it recently and I think it is great. As many of you know, it is not for the beginner but for intermediate or advanced coin men, it is great. Some of the sleights will take some work but they are very useful and can be easily applied to coin work in general. If you are beginning in coins, I would still recommend the tape b/c it allows one to see some great work and learn super technique from a very qualified individual. Don’t fear tougher sleights for they produce huge rewards in your magic.
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Nov 29, 2001 01:59PM)
Good point. ;)
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Nov 29, 2001 03:28PM)
While I wouldn't go so far as to say it is the BEST coin magic book on the market, my book, "Great Scott! It's Coin Magic!" contains 13 tried and tested pieces of coin magic that I feel are very entertaining, amazing and commercial--at leat they are for me.
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Nov 30, 2001 06:11AM)
Hey Scott, the review is in. Being the proud owner of the one and only autographed book in Singapore, I hope you sell lots of your book everywhere but not in Singapore :shucks: (just kidding ;)). Good luck Scott :evilgrin:
Message: Posted by: Dominic Reyes (Dec 3, 2001 01:02AM)
Yep Scott, your book sure impressed me! we have been getting some rave reviews about it from visitors at The Coin Purse, so it seems it's an offical INTERNATIONAL No 1 :)

Talking about great books on coin magic, how about Principles and Deceptions By A Buckley. Now there's a classic!

Also seems David Roth is lying very low these days. Ok he's on the lecture tours, but something new from him is well over due!



The Coin Purse


Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Dec 3, 2001 02:14AM)
Thanks, guys!

The Buckley book is very good, and often overlooked. Also, there's some great coin stuff in the Sankey, Kurtz and Williamson books by Kaufman.
Message: Posted by: Lonnie Dilan (Dec 12, 2001 10:02AM)
Palms of Steel for some nutty stuff.
Gary Kurtz’s Lets Get Flourious.
And my Favorite coin book is Bobo... whew..
Message: Posted by: Andrewdavidson12 (Jan 18, 2002 07:17AM)
Does anyone rate the David Roth videos? I just don't really "get" coin magic in the sense that I've seen so few routines that really grab me.

Would the Roth videos persuade me otherwise?


Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Jan 18, 2002 05:53PM)
Roth’s video is good, the routines are logical. For knuckle busting moves, check Michael Gallo’s The Dynasty Continues and Curtis Kam’s Palms of Steel.
Message: Posted by: Mitch (Jan 19, 2002 12:09PM)
Andrew, There are sooo many coin videos out there that can be helpful depending on what you are looking for. I would like to note that I have recently taken a renewed interest in coin magic myself.

So I am going to assume you know little about coin magic and don’t know much about the basic sleights plus you have not seen much coin magic out there that impresses.

My suggestion: to get a good idea of what you can do with coins, I would suggest taking a look at the following videos:

1. Coin Classics Vol 1
This has routines from about 12 different excellent and very different coin workers. So this way you get to see what different folks do with coins vs just one performer. Then, if you find a few performers that you like you can follow up and get more material from them. The effects on this tape are excellent and not beyond reach - if you like, I have this tape that I could sell you - contact me via e-mail if you are interested (note I did not recommend this so I can sell it to you - I have found it a great video for the reasons described above)

2. Sylvester Pitch’98
This video really teaches you one move - but what a move - more than anything it shows you what is possible with coins - to watch him do his stuff is incredible. As yakandjak told me - if you did not do coins before seeing this vid - you will!

Ok - so if you are then interested and you want to learn some of the basics I would recommend either:

Expert Coin Magic No. 1, No. 2
by David Roth.
He will teach you the basic sleights and some strong routines.

Complete Introduction to Coin Magic
by Michael Ammar
This tape is loaded with all the basic and some more advance sleights for coins as well as some routines.

So... there ya go... to get you started.... hope it gives you some ideas.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jan 19, 2002 08:30PM)
Spydur has some great coin magic, I suggest you guys take a look. I have seen him work quite a long time ago. The stuff he does fools people and magicians badly.

I would also like to mention I believe the best kept secret is Michael Rubenstein vids from L&L... whoowee he rocks, Five times Five both Scotland and Japan are very good. Kaufman’s Almanac has great coin magic. Paul Wilson has a video with some very nice coin magic as well.

One more great source for inspiration to draw off of is the Tarbell series, wow, there is some really dynamic magic waiting to be had.. believe me. :wow:
Message: Posted by: Andrewdavidson12 (Jan 20, 2002 02:14PM)
Bernard, Mitch and Reed

Thanks a lot guys. I am familiar with the basic coin sleights (Bobo sits on my shelves...) but I guess I have never given coins enough attention.

I also have the Paul Wilson videos so I will dust them down and re-watch.

Thanks again

Message: Posted by: Axman (Jan 25, 2002 09:59AM)
You should check out the "Steel and Silver" video at Magicsmith. Fooled the p**s out of me when I saw it. The routine is brilliant.
Message: Posted by: flourish dude (Jan 25, 2002 10:38AM)
The Palms of steel video is a killer.
Message: Posted by: Reian (Jan 26, 2002 12:53AM)
Unexpected Visitor by Doug Brewer is a good book, I would say great if I had some expanded shells.
Message: Posted by: The Pianoman (Jan 27, 2002 03:40PM)
I too would like a video dealing with just coin work.... focusing on the sleights would be great.

I find the routines easy to pick up from the written word but some of the sleights, I feel would sink in easier with a visual display.

So if anyone has any recommendations for sleight of hand coin style.. let me know.
I am waiting on "Now you see it.. Now you dont" to arrive from the UK and hope it's as good as they say it is.

Regards Alan
Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Jan 27, 2002 04:11PM)
Hi Alan

Have you tried any of Paul ***min's stuff!

His, "Up In Smoke" video is terrific, and focuses on great coin vanishes and reproductions, stand up routines and a classic underhanded coins across....

Also, Knich-A-Knihc is a terrific matrix routine.

Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jan 27, 2002 04:17PM)
Hi Alan,
Back in 1985 in West Germany, I made four coin move tapes, teaching all basic and advanced coin sleights. They were distributed with Videonics here (Master Coin Technique - programs 86, 87, 88 and 89) and were the first tapes of their kind, containing also many of my unpublished retention techniques. L&L has them, and will clean them up and re-release them in the future. They may still sell the original versions. They currently are selling my tapes from 1986 (Knockout Coin Magic), and have put together three of them in DVD format. There are a lot of new, unpublished, as well as standard sleights explained on these tapes, and I think they will give you the info you are looking for.

Michael Rubinstein