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Topic: Copyright for Dvds
Message: Posted by: Martin John (Mar 23, 2008 12:41PM)
Hi everybody, I am currently working on two new dvds, however I am unsure of what is needed to make the dvd 100% legal to sell.


1. Does it need an FBI warning on the intro?
2. How does copyrighting work? Do you only need to put 'Copyright 2008' on the dvd cover or do you need to register the dvd somewhere?
3. Is there a Trading license needed to distribute?
4. Any other requirements?

Any help would be muchly appreciated!

Cheers everybody.

Martin John
Message: Posted by: TKD27 (Mar 24, 2008 04:01PM)
There is a video production section of the Café where I'm willing to bet more than one person can point you in the direction you need to go to answer these questions :)

Good luck,

Message: Posted by: leapinglizards (Mar 25, 2008 06:37AM)
Martin, are you in the USA?
Message: Posted by: Martin John (Mar 25, 2008 08:39AM)
No, I'm living and performing in Spain.