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Topic: Why have a Zibit?
Message: Posted by: Jon-O the Great (Mar 24, 2008 12:27PM)
Last Saturday was the 3rd Sat I’ve done the Zibit. 1st was $84, 2nd was $55 and last time was almost $200. (I did it one Sunday for $447 but that was a Sunday, so probably not comparable.) Each time was at the same flea market here in San Antonio.

The 1st two Saturdays were very windy and my wife spent a lot of her time holding the EZ-Up. So, even tho it was the day before Easter, last Saturday was probably the 1st relatively normal one.

My feeling is that as Spring comes in, it will only get better. Based on my VERRRY limited experience, I can only recommend Doug’s Zibit. If you don’t have one yet, you'd better get it soon because there are already county fairs in FL, AZ and TX. And flea markets are every weekend.

As I have said many times, after 15 years of selling strippers, calling people in, I am not yet accustomed to just SITTING and taking in money. But habits, even old ones, can be changed. And the best part, there is NO stock in which to invest. Once you have the Zibit, the signs and the EZ-Up, you’re set. Just do the shows.

You could even have a kid run it and you can do Svengalis or any other thing you want. Except for the cost of the space, it’s almost like getting FREE MONEY! Of course I’m new to this type of situation but I really don’t know of anything else like it.


Message: Posted by: sethb (Mar 24, 2008 01:19PM)
Glad to see your Zibit is earning its keep.

But if your wife is holding down the E-Z Up on a breezy day, you need to STAKE that tent, brother! One stake for each tent leg and one stake for each corner line, plus three more for the center and ends of your rear wall, if you use one.

If you're not on located on grass, invest in four concrete cinder blocks (about $1.50 each at any hardware store) and tie one to each tent leg. Yes, it's extra work, but it's good cheap insurance. Don says so and I agree. SETH
Message: Posted by: Jon-O the Great (Mar 24, 2008 02:42PM)
Actually, it was set up on concrete. And of course, we need SOMEthing to hold it down beside my wife (tho she DOES do a good job!) ;-)
Message: Posted by: Jon-O the Great (Mar 24, 2008 02:44PM)
Oops got sent by accident. ANYWAY, I had one of my friends suggest getting some 5-gal buckets and fill them with water once I get to the show. That sounds neat. Then empty 'em out before I leave. Whatever we use, we need it soon. Summer's comin'.

Message: Posted by: Rappel (Mar 24, 2008 06:16PM)
Hi Jon, you may not want to advertise so much for the Zibit on the Café. I have one and exibit it, but I sure don't want anyone coming into my territory. I wish Doug great success in selling them, but....I'd hate to find some dude at the local flea or even at one of our fairs in the Memphis area with a Zibit. And it could happen to you too. I praise Doug's work and his system everytime I can, but posting this is like an ad. I know your excited about it, but let this be our little secret.

Message: Posted by: TKD27 (Mar 24, 2008 07:55PM)
On 2008-03-24 19:16, Rappel wrote:
Hi Jon, you may not want to advertise so much for the Zibit on the Café. I have one and exibit it, but I sure don't want anyone coming into my territory. I wish Doug great success in selling them, but....I'd hate to find some dude at the local flea or even at one of our fairs in the Memphis area with a Zibit. And it could happen to you too. I praise Doug's work and his system everytime I can, but posting this is like an ad. I know your excited about it, but let this be our little secret.


Of course, the irony being that this post makes it sound even better for those (us) who don't use them :)
Message: Posted by: Jon-O the Great (Mar 24, 2008 10:22PM)
On 2008-03-24 19:16, Rappel wrote:
Hi Jon, you may not want to advertise so much for the Zibit on the Café. ---- I know your excited about it, but let this be our little secret.


Yep, I guess you're right. I am excited about a system that allows me to read and make money. However....will keep it down from now on. (You never woulda guessed I'm new here?) ;-)

Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Mar 27, 2008 09:57AM)
That's not nice!!! I need to eat too! Geesh! So far after many years, I don't hear of Zibits competeing with each other. You bet I would if they were. Besides there's some joker who snagged an essence of my ideas and sells totally WRONG crap to do shows with and sells it to the PUBLIC on ebay. So restricting your enthusiasm will not benefit anybody but unworthy competition. Then my prices go UP...new ideas do not get developed and I rewrite the How-To and make it available EVERYWHERE just to survive. I am able to do what I want and RESTRICT this info to Café ONLY because of the response I get here. I get that response because folks like Jon-O and others world wide are behind me and find the info valuable and express the enthusiasm.

If YOU hadn't heard about it here, you wouldn't have one to begin with. If I wasn't relying on the Café and kind words I wouldn't be doing this...either at all or at much higher prices. When I got into this, single-o quality exhibits were at least in the thousand dollar range. How come? Because NO ONE had figured out the secret of how to present a less expensive object as a Single-O. You'ld need a calf with thirty two legs that tap danced or a live broad with a rack of three (and all those costs!)...this is a SIMPLE no hassle sit on your butt system that involves a box and three signs that makes more money than the Sunday Church plate pass. If you run into another show, there are ways to define differences or if you have the location staked then it's yours. Not an issue so far after many years. I didn't just come up with stuff last year.

Sure it would be nice to have the only one. Then if that's the case fork over about $50,000 and I'll sell you an exclusive on the next BIG idea. You'll be on your own.

This is basically a business PLAN for $350 and includes the key element...the tool...the equipment if you will ie: the Zibit. My satisfaction comes from being able to price the pkg at a price that can be made back easily EASILY the first afternoon it is used! No fees, no percentages, no kickbacks...here, it's yours! Take on the world...knock your self out. But I don't sell territories...you are not buying a territory...I think Vermont might be open if somebody wants to stake it out for a nice sum...but I don't think it would be a good area.

So please don't begrudge me a sale and being able to eat for the misconception that you are an exclusive in your area...you most likely ARE anyway! I would recommend looking around at the Markets you might want to do. Do some home work before you jump in. Ask a few questions...but really, it's not an issue. I have had guys out there for years that travel all over the place and never ran into another show like this.

There are 300,000,000 people that are potential dollar bills. There are 10's of thousands of towns, entire states open to do. Maybe...maybe...you might blow a show...BUT does a McDonald's on the opposite corner of a Wendy's kill the hamburger biz? No...it INCREASES it.

So thank you Jon-O...I do think you should keep your dollar amount off the Café though. Not just because it's a bit low but because THAT is nobody elses business. :)

Message: Posted by: Jon-O the Great (Mar 27, 2008 05:21PM)
Got it! Keep the FIGURES off the Café. OK. My idea was that 1) you just sit there and 2) you get money. I have never done that before. I was so proud of that fact that I wanted to tell the world. But I guess I've done it enough.

Frankly, if I ran into someone else doing the Zibit, I'm sure we could work things out and if nothing else, I could do Svengali or strippers. Or take a vacation. I'm prepared to do either/or. ;-)

And Doug, I wanna thank you for your help with it. Even tho I didn't START, doing it your way (signs to small, fish tank too large) I really am doing it 99% now.

As I said, people NOW ask me if I'm making any money doing it. I just smile and tell 'em it's a little slow.

But just between you and me, I HAVE given 3 other guys your phone #! ;-)


Message: Posted by: Rappel (Mar 27, 2008 09:08PM)
Hi Doug,
I apologize. I honestly had the impression that you were just doing this because of the demand for it. I did not think you really needed the money. Not that you even NEED the money, but that you want to sell your material and deserve compensation for your hard work and creativity.
Again I will trust you, that I can feel comfortable that chances are that someone will not show up where I am. I know it could happen, but probably not. Please don't be ****ed off at me, because I don't want to hurt your business, I want to help it any way I can. I was not being greedy just wanting to keep it low key. So to make up for this, I will sing the praises on the Magiccafe about your Zibits and the system... even more than before. I have a new perspective of your business and I will make sure people know about it and your wonderful material.

Still your friend?:)
Message: Posted by: Rappel (Mar 27, 2008 09:19PM)
Ok, "sing the praise" was extreme, but Doug I'll help out any way I can.

Your friend,
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Mar 28, 2008 04:28AM)
Wait and watch till there is something relevent to say and a reason to say it. No need to actively promote without purpose. :)
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Mar 28, 2008 03:17PM)
Is a live broad with a rack of 3 what I think it is !!! If so I would like to order one right now,,,please.

Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Mar 28, 2008 06:54PM)
You have enough of them over there as it is.
Message: Posted by: Andy Charlton (Apr 14, 2008 05:50AM)
OK, I give up, What's a Zibit?

Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Apr 14, 2008 08:12AM)

Andy...read MY answer on above thread. :)
Message: Posted by: J.Buddy (Apr 14, 2008 03:30PM)
This is my first exposure to this kind of thing. Very interesting topics of discussion, and really got me interested to look into the subject more.
Thank you
Message: Posted by: Jon-O the Great (May 12, 2008 11:03AM)
Mother's Day was the pits!

I did a different flea market because the wind woulda blown the hair off a cat, let alone my EZ-Up. This time I was inside in a little 10 x 10 cube and not only did the place not open until 8:30, NO ONE (and I mean NO ONE) came before 10. That included vendors! And really the customers didn't REALLY start before noon. And even tho it was theorectically open until 7, it was over about 4. Was it because it was Sunday--or Mother's Day --or what? Dunno.

Because of the way the space was made, unless I used my EZ-Up, (which I didn't) the only place to put the signs was way up high, so I used both sets of signs, my old signs Velcro'd to the table to re-inforce the idea. Even so, many people just walked in, even tho I had "$1" on the front of the table. All in all, just not a good day for man nor beast! I did 1/10th of my best day! Even my stripper girl was upset and left about 4.

I'm really looking for some kind of actual small FAIR to do. There are several but not close to San Antonio yet. In 2 weeks, there is a 3-day Crawfish Festival in a little city about 60 miles away, projected attendance 25,000 (I always cut that in half, in my mind) so I think I will get one of my girls to do the Zibit and I'll do Svengali. I REALLY LOVE TO PITCH THEM PASTEBOARDS!!

AND I'm ITCHING to see the Zibit REALLY make some money!

I'm ready!

Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (May 12, 2008 11:15AM)
Like I said Jon...there will be good days and there will be bad days...that one sounded like a total waste...been there done that says everyone here. :)

Keep in mind, that at the CrawFish Festival...people will be there SPECIFICALLY for the EATS. You'll need to be on your toes and get their interest if you can.
One of the worst days I ever had was at a big Chili Cook off. Lot's of people...but all here for one thing.
Message: Posted by: sethb (May 12, 2008 12:17PM)
[quote]On 2008-05-12 12:03, Jon-O the Great wrote: Mother's Day was the pits! [/quote]
Hey, Jon-O, I don't think it was you, it was incredibly poor judgment on the part of the show organizer. Who the heck would do this on Mother's Day? [Complete silence from the crowd.] And there's your answer!

Plus, Sundays are not, in my opinion, good days for these events anyway. From 8 to noon most people are either in church or in bed, so it's going to be very slow until around 1 p.m., if it ever picks up at all. Haven't these folks ever heard of Saturday? SETH
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (May 12, 2008 12:25PM)
Whoa...Sunday's are FANTASTIC out here on the West Coast at the Fleas. It's a BIG day at most of the markets (along with Saturday.) We even have good Thursdays! (well...sort of good. Around Christmas time...hahaha)

Message: Posted by: Parson Smith (Jul 21, 2008 01:27PM)
Sunday afternoon is always our hottest time.
Message: Posted by: mota (Jul 21, 2008 08:09PM)
In my experience Sundays are consistently twice as good as Saturdays.

If someone asks you how you did you just say, "I did good". This answer is the same no matter how the day was or whether it is a customer, fellow vendor, or person you are leasing from. It has been tested over many, many years.