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Topic: Withdrawal!
Message: Posted by: Jeb Sherrill (Mar 1, 2002 08:01AM)
Well, I'm certainly glad to be back.
My fiancee has gotten to watch me mope around the house for the past week and stare at the computer screen, not having anywhere to go after checking e-mail. The Cafe went down just as I was sending a message (can you believe that). I saved it and waited the whole week to send it. What can I say, it's just great to be back. I now know that I truly cannot live without my fix.

:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Mar 1, 2002 09:36AM)
I can't stand the suspense!
What was the message? :confused:
Peter Marucci

P.S. I agree about the "needed fix"; I feel the same way about this place.
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Mar 1, 2002 11:40AM)
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Mar 1, 2002 04:18PM)
Right on the money!
Message: Posted by: craig fothers (Mar 1, 2002 11:27PM)
I thought you guys were dead!
man I'm glad to be back.

I think I started drinking more coffee to give myself something to do...

Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Mar 3, 2002 10:50AM)
:kiss: We missed you too!

We're just glad to be back. :bigsmile:

:dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :bigdance: :banana: :carrot: :dance: :dancing: :yippee: :wavey: :dancing:

Mya :cuteangel:
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Mar 4, 2002 06:47PM)
I agree its nice to hear from all of you again!
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Mar 4, 2002 07:21PM)
Silly me, I just thought the site was loading reallllyy slowwwwwww........... :bg:

I'm glad to be back with everyone :dancing:
Message: Posted by: SloMo150 (Mar 5, 2002 08:52AM)
I was at a loss of things to do. I get home at 2:30 am after working all afternoon. The Cafe was all I could wait for. When I got home and it was down I just stared at the screen in disbelief. Then I went to Bed. Thankfully IT'S BACK. :goof: Now I can get my :coffee: and :donut6: so lets

:dancing: :dancing: :dancing:
Message: Posted by: magiker (Mar 5, 2002 01:16PM)
I certainly missed the CAFE.
I thought I had a prob with the pc