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Message: Posted by: David Todd (Mar 14, 2003 09:22PM)
I would like to know if anyone can tell me where I can obtain hanks of rope that match the thick rope used in Empire Magic's version of "Rigid Rope"?

It's 5/8" thick rope. I want to be able to switch a non-gimmicked rope for the "Rigid Rope" and want the ropes to be exactly the same in appearance.

This 5/8" thick cotton rope is very visible and would work great for standard Cut & Restored or Professor's Nightmare, Linking Ropes, etc...

Empire is selling their Rigid Ropes in bulk, so there must be a supplier of this 5/8" thick rope.

Anyone know?

(oddly enough, e-mails to Empire Magic are no good. They will not reveal the source of the rope used. I think they must have purchased the trick ropes in bulk from an overseas wholesaler and don't even know the source of the rope)
Message: Posted by: DRPEPPER (Mar 15, 2003 12:39PM)
Empire told me they get the rope from Italy. Check out all magic shops in Italy. I hope that helps
Also, I don't know if it's the same size but check out rope that Camirand Academy of magic in Canada has.
Message: Posted by: David Todd (Mar 24, 2003 08:37PM)
There are two different magic suppliers called Empire Magic. The "Empire Magic" who markets the "rigid rope" referred to above appears to be a division of Loftus International. They are a wholesale only business who markets effects to magic shops.

However, I found the 5/8" rope I'm looking for on the website of a magic shop called Empire Magic.


I don't know if there is any relationship between the two, but I don't think so.

The rope that Empire Magic sells is located here:


They call it Deluxe EuroRope.

"EuroRope is larger than most regular magician's rope which measures 1/4" inch in diameter. Deluxe EuroRope measures 3/8" inch. Super Deluxe EuroRope measures
5/8" inch."
Message: Posted by: Bobcape (Mar 25, 2003 01:42AM)
You might try http://www.camirandmagic.com/ I've heard good things about their rope. While you're there, check out their Elite Garnier card to wallet. I have one and love it.