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Topic: healed and sealed
Message: Posted by: hockey (Mar 14, 2003 10:50PM)
i know there have been a lot of posts on this topic. So, you can perform this trick as many times as you want given that you use a different can each time? and Is it a gimmick? and if so do you have to buy more of these or does the gimmick last? Thanx to all who reply
Message: Posted by: WilliamWHolcomb (Mar 14, 2003 10:55PM)
The instructions teach you how to make the gimmick and yes you can do it as many times as you with (with a new gimmick each time, of course.)
Message: Posted by: hockey (Mar 14, 2003 10:59PM)
thanx very much for the reply
Message: Posted by: Symmatrix (Mar 15, 2003 01:17AM)
Good and smart idea ! No Gimmick and it is well set each time....If it is consider a gimmick it can be found anywhere !!!!

Best Regards
Symmatrix :carrot:
Message: Posted by: ledzepp1918 (Mar 15, 2003 09:20AM)
If you like the effect than the gimmick can be made in about three minutes. You anly need to bring a couple of very small things.

Message: Posted by: EddyRay (Mar 15, 2003 09:58AM)
When you purchase healed and sealed you get a manuscript that teaches you everything you need to know. However television rights are reserved for David Blaine only until 2005. Arghhh. hehe :bawl:
Message: Posted by: Marvelous (Mar 16, 2003 12:03AM)
The can with modifications is the gimmick! The manuscript will explain all. For the low cost and the great effect there is no better way to spend your money.
Message: Posted by: Look4coin (Mar 17, 2003 07:56AM)
It simple and have great effect! Buy it
Message: Posted by: inidyls (Mar 17, 2003 04:09PM)
Ditto , Marvelous :stuckinbag:
Message: Posted by: Franfran (Mar 17, 2003 10:55PM)
One Great trick as I like them : Easy to do, clever, pretty clean at the end...

Really changing from the effects that are all the time sold everywhere,

Message: Posted by: Eirik (Mar 18, 2003 08:47AM)
Agree with the earlier posts,
healed and sealed is a true jawdropper, buy the manuscript and a 12pack of cans, and you`ll be ready for practice.. for more Q`s- Anders Modèn is a member here in the Café, so you can always PM him..