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Topic: Torn Too by Daniel Garcia
Message: Posted by: Magic Fingers (Apr 4, 2008 07:44AM)
Anyone know anything about this. Have wanted to do a torn and restored for a while but as I perform strolling there's not been one that's ticked all the boxes for me this looks good though although its not a piece by piece.


Its available on pre-order at penguin, would be interested to here what people think.
Message: Posted by: erich_weis (Apr 4, 2008 08:18AM)
Here is a link to a review of Torn Too.
I ordered it a love it. Highly recommended. Great way to do a torn and restored looking effect with instant reset for your next performance. Hope this helps.
Message: Posted by: Kex (Apr 4, 2008 10:32AM)
So, I'm curious... what do we think the spectators care about with an effect like this. That the card IS restored... or how it is restored? Any thoughts on if a one piece at a times get a better reaction from the masses?

Message: Posted by: truesoldier (Apr 4, 2008 12:01PM)
Hi Kex

From what I can see and undertstand, the restored effect is strong. However, the way that it restors can have a much bigger impact as it provides more astonishment.

I can only base this on my experiences of watching spactator reatctions and also by studying my own sence of wonder. My reasons are that if a card is restored peace by peace in a visual way then it's looks like real magic to the spectaor and even a lot of magicians get caught up in the beauty of the effect.

Another nice way if restoring a card is by using fire such as in Tourched and restored. This is because the spectators can see their card torn and the set alight. The bonus being that when you hand the card back to the spectator it has burnt marks on the back of the card.

Just thought I'd share my thoughts
Message: Posted by: Kex (Apr 5, 2008 11:00AM)
I've seen an all at once restoration that look like real magic as well... and equally as impressive as the piece by piece. Imagine all the pieces put in a plastic baggie and then with one shake they visually restore... quite impressive.
Message: Posted by: Magic Fingers (Apr 6, 2008 05:44PM)
Who was that by kex? sounds awesome. Generally I tend to think that a good visual piece by piece restoration looks best but a lot of them often seem to be high on prep, angly or unable to use a signed card, this seems to have all those bases covered so think I might purchase.
Message: Posted by: morpheis91 (Apr 6, 2008 07:43PM)
Well whats cool about this is that it can be signed and I actually experimented with it in my ACR it gets great reactions because I had the spectator pull the card and it restored. To me a card that can restore itself is ambitious enough. But I don't really think this is that good for a stand alone effect, only an addition to a routine.
Message: Posted by: Kex (Apr 6, 2008 11:19PM)
Magic Fingers... unfortunately it isn't on the market yet... wish it was but I'll tell you it is *** clever.

Message: Posted by: Magic Fingers (Apr 7, 2008 08:01AM)
Good call morpheis, I do various routines involving a signed card so its definately worth getting as a bit of a flashy ending for one of those. I really like the sound of that trick Kex, hopefully the creator will release it soon, I'm sure it'd kill.
Message: Posted by: Branden Darcel (Apr 10, 2008 09:16AM)
Kex, that trick sounds friggin sweet dude.
Message: Posted by: Damian Surr (Apr 17, 2008 06:53AM)
Just watched the vid. Looks nice.
Message: Posted by: erich_weis (Apr 20, 2008 03:48AM)
Just performed this last night at a bar, guy freaked out and knocked his beer over on to his friend next to him. It got a great reaction, even if he was drunk. Great little effect.
Message: Posted by: MrMagi (Apr 21, 2008 07:09PM)
Kex, that sounds sweet!! Have you seen bob swadlings torn and restored card, it's performed by joshua jay during his stage show on his close-up up close set, gonna pick this up sometime - sounds like it might work for that.
Message: Posted by: danielellis_5 (Apr 22, 2008 11:00AM)
Im sure Ammar does the same ting on his Business card video only he does it th a business card on business card holder rather than a deck of card.Still looks good mind.

Message: Posted by: Thomas Kwon (May 11, 2008 03:47PM)
Effect looks good, but I'd prefer traditional 4 peice tnr over one piece restoration
Message: Posted by: MagicBarMan (May 23, 2008 03:11AM)
It is a visual stunner.
Message: Posted by: Kex (May 23, 2008 12:44PM)
I haven't seen Bob Swadlings torn and restored... Is there a video somewhere?

Message: Posted by: Pauldela (Jun 11, 2008 12:19PM)
Yeah, it's good for walk-around.
Message: Posted by: larrylegal (Aug 19, 2008 10:43AM)
Looks like a more visual version of the old effect Business Merger by Doug Bennett, except with playing cards instead of business cards.
Message: Posted by: AaronTheMagician (Aug 22, 2008 11:10PM)
Torn Too is really, actually, very cool. It's a TNR effect for those that don't want to work hard on extra sleight of hand, AND it looks great. Even for you hardcore finger-flickers...this is a cool addition to have handy.

It's not just the flash restoration, but the patter that really...REALLY pulls in laypeople because they think you're explaining it to them (much like Roger Klause's "Red & White").

And if nothing else, the DVD is fun to watch. Danny is really humorous, though informative, here. The construction of the gimmick is very well explained, and it's worth every penny I spent.

Message: Posted by: OTTOEMEZZO (Aug 24, 2008 04:33PM)
Torn was much better in my opinion. This one is less impromptu and not as stunning to lay people.
Message: Posted by: CamisBoss (Sep 2, 2008 12:48AM)
I loved Torn. The only problem was I couldn't really perform it for a large group. But I don't perform torn 'n restored tricks very often. I'm just not really a fan of them...despite me liking Torn.
Message: Posted by: Lord Freddie (Sep 2, 2008 06:35AM)
I have neither Torn or Torn Too, but I am interested in them as I am looking for a new T&R routine. I'm performing Paul Harris' Ultimate Rip-Off at the moment, and although spectators are impressed, that last piece bothers me!
Message: Posted by: Medifro (Sep 11, 2008 09:44PM)
On 2008-09-02 07:35, Lord Freddie wrote:
I'm performing Paul Harris' Ultimate Rip-Off at the moment, and although spectators are impressed, that last piece bothers me!
Check Tommy Wonder's book set for a handling that solves the last piece :)

Torn Too, although there is some decent setup, but its very practical once prepared. I recommend it.

~ Feras
Message: Posted by: K_B_G (Oct 1, 2008 06:21AM)
Torn Too is awesome.. Hoodwink is another in your face once off restoration that has had my spectators flip their rocks.
Message: Posted by: mtpascoe (Oct 14, 2008 05:54PM)
On 2008-09-02 07:35, Lord Freddie wrote:
I have neither Torn or Torn Too, but I am interested in them as I am looking for a new T&R routine. I'm performing Paul Harris' Ultimate Rip-Off at the moment, and although spectators are impressed, that last piece bothers me!

Me too. I love Ultimate Rip-Off, but you're right about it. I guess that's why Paul loved Daniels Torn. I don't know anything about Torn Too, but I think Torn if perfect the way it is. Definitely get it.
Message: Posted by: Josh303 (Oct 21, 2008 01:21PM)
I'm a fan of Torn by Daniel Garcia as well, but for some reason, I can't pull it off as a "close-up" effect--I have to be a ways back, so people won't see what is going on. I think I'm going to try and bust my knuckles with Guy Hollingworth's Reformation, but I have to acquire a copy of Drawing Room Deceptions somewhere first...anyone know if it's still in print?
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Apr 30, 2013 10:10AM)
Funny how old threads die a sudden death in the middle of the conversation.

Currently Penguin is offering this effect (torn too) at half price. Reviews there seem to be mixed. A lot of comments about how this has to be done in dim lighting, and is very easy for the spectators to spot, etc.

And a lot of good reviews, too.

That leads to confusion, of course.
Message: Posted by: 1KJ (May 1, 2013 06:50PM)
I have a question:

I don't have this. The method seems pretty obvious to a magician, but I can see it being very effective for laypeople. So, for those who have this, and are accomplished magicians, is there anything to be learned by way of the method or handling?

Message: Posted by: Fire Starter (May 2, 2013 12:15PM)
Mmm can't realy see what is going on in the vid?.I would love to do a T&R card routine and did try PHUZED but just could not get on with it ,too much dirty dithing.
Message: Posted by: Roy the Illusionist (May 4, 2013 10:58PM)
AaronTheMagician said that Torn Too is performed with a gimmick, I try not to use gimmicks as much as possible(the only gimmick that I like using is an Invisible Deck) and Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic has a method of T&R, without gimmicks, and it is great. While you all can use as many gimmicks as you want, I believe that a true close-up magician should stick to sleights and misdirection.
Message: Posted by: Zombie Magic (May 11, 2013 10:43PM)
On 2013-05-04 23:58, Roy the Illusionist wrote:
......I believe that a true close-up magician should stick to sleights and misdirection.

Bill Malone will use gaffs;-)
Message: Posted by: vampiro (May 12, 2013 12:34AM)
Frankly, this thread has gotten off course through the years. Torn Too by Garcia is an incredible effect. It is easy to do, very visual, and an instant restoration of a corner in front of a spectator, which can be right under their noses. Someone above mentioned a gimmick. This is no more gimmicky than any torn and restored, and does involve very simple sleights--Torn Too is simple direct, and can be done with your deck of cards. What more can you ask for?

I have a suspicion that there are a lot of torn and restored card wannabees, me included, who do not want to keep working on Torn (the full version) and do not want to deal with the angles in a close up situation--it is just too tricky. Also, too many torn and restored effects make one take too many trips to their pocket (one trip is too many, most of the time). Torn Too is just the effect for the magician who wants something they can work with anywhere, anytime, and is actually a worker. Also, it is not obvious to magicians. It is extremely clever and should fool anyone.