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Topic: Key to the Future by Max Maven
Message: Posted by: Devilix (Apr 13, 2008 01:31PM)
Hi all,

Does anyone know if its possible to find a box to achieve the Max Maven effect called Key to the Future. Is there a magic shop who sell this type of boxes.

Message: Posted by: Paul (Apr 13, 2008 06:04PM)
Look in dollar shops and at flea markets for suitable sized boxes then make your owm. Alternately check out my variation on the Mind Stuff DVD, which gives you a different method and a follow up routine.

Message: Posted by: Nicodemus (Apr 14, 2008 12:46PM)
Paul.. what is the link to your Mind Stuff DVD ? Cost, etc. ?

Thanks, - Nicodemus
Message: Posted by: Mik (Apr 14, 2008 10:30PM)
I can highly recommend Paul's Mind Stuff double DVD set, his variation is great.

Thrift stores sometimes have some cool looking boxes you can use.
Message: Posted by: swiss_magician (May 25, 2009 11:22AM)
Bringing back old threads to life.....

I found a link to a website providing the requested type of boxes. But their look (looks like polished and waxed wooden boxes) do not look as innocent as the box used in the DVD version.

So I am still looking for such a box...or get my purse again to get the mind stuff DVD's. But to know a place where to get that kind of boxes would delight me

And concerning the presentation, I have the impression that the mix between the ESP abilities test premise chosen for the prediction and the psychological influencing aspect during the spectator's key choice blurred a little bit the perception of the effect:
A imagine more a spectator-performer challenge ala "a 100$ bill for you if you do not choose the good key on the turn I predicted...so the questions you must ask yourself are: "which key does he (performer) want me to choose?" and "should I (the spectator) go for the key I think he wants me to choose?"." ....a more Derrenesque approach :P

Thanks in advance for your help concerning the special box ^^