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Topic: Pocket Cache
Message: Posted by: jprace (Apr 24, 2008 05:17PM)
I just heard about this, and it sounds great. It's not new, and it's made by David Harkey. The search button isn't working, so I made a new topic. For anyone who has this, what do you think of it? A review would be perfect.


Message: Posted by: David Tower (Apr 24, 2008 06:30PM)
I bought one from David many years ago. It is nice looking and there are a world of possibilities. I was using it for awhile in my show but I was always afraid that the gimmick would break. To be on the safe side I put two gimmicks on. After awhile I wound up making something similar that did not use any gimmicks and I felt safer. My routine has however evolved and now I use a giant paper clip similar to what Jay Sankey and Alexander DeCova do with a giant paper clip. I feel even better now as there are no moving parts just sleight of hand. But the Pocket Cache is a nicely made unit and there are some effects that can not be done with my gimmickless props.

David Tower