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Topic: Ricky Jay Reference
Message: Posted by: Tom G (Mar 2, 2002 05:43PM)
During his performance of "RJ and his 52 Assistants", RJ quotes a couple of poems or writings related to gambling and cards. One deals with the "booze and bowens". (Spelling?) There's also a couple of others. He does mention their origins, does anyone have access to the titles? Better yet do you know where I could find the actual writings?
Message: Posted by: Eric Starkey (Mar 2, 2002 05:56PM)
Villon's translation of William Ernest Henley's "Booze and the Blowens" (Wine & Women) can be found at:


It's amazing what search engines can do...
Message: Posted by: Tom G (Mar 3, 2002 03:33PM)
Thanks a lot Eric. I tried a search, but having the wrong word didn't help. Thought at best I might find the name.