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Topic: Powder or Wax
Message: Posted by: MetalBender (Apr 30, 2008 12:10PM)
I just came into a few decks of the Production Cards from Wizards Inn. I found them in sort of an out of the way magic shop, and the guy in the shop didn't know much about them other than the fact that they were manipulation cards. Does anyone else have a set of these cards? They are beautiful. My question though is what do you guys recommend as far as treating these cards? Powder or UGM Wax? Thanks for the tip.
Message: Posted by: Anatole (Apr 30, 2008 09:32PM)
If you are producing the cards from the backpalm either in fans or singly, I recommend fanning powder. If you're doing fan flourishes, double fans, etc I would recommend the wax.
Message: Posted by: donrodrigo (May 1, 2008 12:49PM)
Anatole hit it right,in pharmacy get zinc sterate,auto wax is also used.
Message: Posted by: TOTALLY MAGIC (May 1, 2008 08:46PM)
I use japanes candle wax

I didn't know that you could use wax until I studyed under seo
Message: Posted by: Levent (May 3, 2008 09:52PM)
I've never had luck with the wax. Personally I used to use a very small quantity of powder. But I found it more important to keep the cards clean, dry and to wash my hands before I attempt to manipulate them.

Message: Posted by: close_up_act (May 4, 2008 02:50AM)
I agree with kyle on the the wax part....on one of shimada's dvd's he mentions the candle wax for a lighting quick production.