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Topic: Nestor Hato's Ditch table
Message: Posted by: jasanchez (May 6, 2008 02:30AM)
Can anyone tell me where can I get a table like the one he uses on his card manipulation act, I have also seen jason byrne and Luchen use the same type of table. here are the links to their acts so you guys can get the idea. thanks



Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (May 8, 2008 02:39PM)
These tables are not the same, and I believe they are made by the performers themselves depending on their needs. Manipulation magic is best when designed for a the act as a whole.

They either made them themselves or has someone make them for them. If you are good a woodmaking, try it out after you designed your act.
Message: Posted by: David Boyd (May 8, 2008 04:27PM)
You can take a look at these conga cases.. I have seen a number of people use them with a cloth around the body.

a good thing about this case is that you can travel with you act inside of it.. Airport ect. and then when you get to where ever your performing you can just unload and use it are you table/dump .. just velcro a cloth around it:


good luck
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (May 8, 2008 05:41PM)
I just made mine out of a trash bag metal folding stand. Just made a cloth bag for it with foam under.
Message: Posted by: Nedim (May 19, 2008 01:46AM)

I got the same problem. I think it also like Jeff McBride's table. What do you think about it? Is it good for a manipulator??

magically yours,

Nedim Guzel