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Topic: New & simple Diamond Jack Sam The Bell Hop.
Message: Posted by: ALLEN TIPTON (May 9, 2008 05:04AM)
I rarely recommend card tricks but I searched for a simple straight forward method & presentaion of Diamond Jack for several years. 3 weeks ago I found one. Even if you use a different system this will help you learn what is a great finale to a close up or card act.


This very entertaining story, guaranteed to hold an audience, and just using a much cut deck of cards has been around longer than you think. As far as I can tell the first version to appear in the UK was in Jean Hugard’s Encyclopedia of Card tricks published in 1937. Since then it has been rediscovered & revamped, a number of times.

Harry Stanley’s Unique Magic Studios put it out as Monty The Spiv in the 1950’s, thanking Fred Lowe for the use of his ‘wide boy’ routine and mentioning that it was used with great success by Ken Brooke.

I’ve recently re-looked at the instructions and find still a wee bit confusing.
My second version, (Diamond Jack) in the 1980’s came from Magic Inc., Chicago but that didn’t quite suit. Bill Malone then produced his excellent version (Sam the Bell Hop) and performed it brilliantly, in an ultra slick manner, but very American for me, as well as being so moulded to his performing style.
Diamond Jim Tyler has also come up with a version & will no doubt be demonstrating it on his 2008 UK tour.

BUT there is yet another presentation-- simple, non technical and with a British feel to it. Pete Stedman, a professional of many years standing, first performed his Diamond Jack some 35 years ago even publishing his then version in 1987.
Now he has updated it and if you can:
Cut a deck: Memorise a story… this is for You.
Recorded in a studio, with very clear DVD, Pete gives you
An Introduction & background to his ‘Poor Man’s Version’ of the effect.
The simple and non suspicious cuts used. Laymen will not suspect a thing.
The easy to make (2 mins) gimmick which ensures your routine is sure and exact.
A Live Performance before real people (not magicians) which he does seated but usually standing.
The Set Up. On screen, crystal clear and on long enough to absorb or as he says press the pause which still leaves the wording, steady & clear. You do get a printed version of it anyway.
A Training Session using the gimmick & the 4 cuts. Card fanatics could use their flashy ones but that, as in performance by a youth on You Tube, makes it look rigged. Remember presentation first… method second. Pete’s approach looks completely fair to the lay audience with the benefit that the pack is already reset at the end for the next showing.
Next you get a SLOW version, easy to follow for those not quick on the uptake and useful for memorising the story.
Finally the routine again at the proper pace.
There are chapters on the DVD to enable you to go instantly to any of these sections.
Yet, all in all, it only lasts 40 minutes so you won’t get lost or bored with Diamond Jack. I found this an excellent teaching DVD.

It costs £10 plus £1 p/p. Cheques or Postal Orders payable to Peter Stedman.
Contact. magic@magicpete.co.uk
Allen Tipton
Message: Posted by: ALLEN TIPTON (May 16, 2008 04:05AM)
Pete Stedman has also now added in a printed version of the routine & patter.
I think he has a Paypal account
He teaches this great audience effect so well I hopoe one day to meet him.
Allen Tipton
Message: Posted by: Andy Moss (May 28, 2008 01:42PM)
Pete's version does sound interesting. Thanks Allen for the information. Any chance of a link to a demo on this one so that we can compare it with Bill Malone's?