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Topic: Zombie
Message: Posted by: Shawn74 (May 13, 2008 02:56PM)
My mother-in-law just bought me a zombie ball and I wold like to know if there are any DVDs or books out there that teach the basic moves for the zombie. I've found a lot of videos of performances, but very little about source material. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Message: Posted by: FunTimeAl (May 13, 2008 03:06PM)
Here's a couple:


Message: Posted by: Donal Chayce (May 13, 2008 04:58PM)
In addition to the videos Chad referenced, with are both very good, I can recommend: "Al Schneider on Zombie" (Al Schneider), Dirk Losander's Zombie video, and both of Jeb Sherrill's "Zombie Reanimated" videos, and volume 3 of "McBride on Stage Magic."

There are also a number of wonderful books and booklets that you might want to check out. For starters: the section on the Zombie in Tommy Wonder's "Books of Wonder"; "Al Schneider on Zombie"; "Further Tips on Zombie" (Neil Foster); and "A La Zombie Plus" (Ian Adair).

Good luck in your study and practice. In the right hands, Zombie is a terrific trick. In the wrong hands (and there are lots of wrong hands out there), it's a bore or, worse, a disaster.
Message: Posted by: SpellbinderEntertainment (May 15, 2008 03:48PM)
Shawn, search the Café, you'll find dozens upon dozens of threads with info on this and all other floating balls and lots of input. Bottlm line, get help, this is a hard effect to do deceptivly and well.

Message: Posted by: Dynamike (May 24, 2008 12:21PM)
"Worlds Greatest Magic" also sells a DVD requiring a Zombie. Several magicians will give their comments.