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Topic: Ambitious Card Routine Move
Message: Posted by: rmccor (Mar 23, 2003 02:25PM)

I'm fairly new to magic and am trying to learn some moves for the [i]Ambitious card[/i] routine. I already have some basic moves, but there's one other that I would like to include. I saw it on a David Blaine video where he cuts the deck, places the chosen card onto the top of the bottom stack, inserts the card into the middle of the top stack, inserts the entire top stack into the middle of the bottom stack. The chosen card ends up being in the second from top position. Could anyone tell me what this move is called and/or refer me to a book or video that includes it. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: levitate (Mar 23, 2003 02:32PM)
I think you are talking about a [i]Tilt[/i]. Marlo's [i]Tilt[/i] move is basically a depth perception illusion. Blaine did kind of an interesting verion of it.
Message: Posted by: marko (Mar 23, 2003 03:08PM)
It's not a tilt. I don't know the exact name of the move, but I do know what you're talking about. The best place to learn it from is probably Daryl's Ambitious Card video which explains the move you speak of as well as just about everything else you'll ever need to know about doing a really good Ambitious Card routine. Hope that helps.
Message: Posted by: HiraseMagic (Mar 23, 2003 11:27PM)
Buy Daryl's Ambitious Card video, besides the basic move for this routine, he also teaches you many useful and beautiful sleights.

Message: Posted by: redstreak (Mar 23, 2003 11:41PM)
This is also included in Ninja 1, I use it in my routine.
Message: Posted by: dillib (Mar 24, 2003 05:07AM)
This move is a Secret Addition of cards, though I cannot recall the originator of this sleight. Very deceptive...
Message: Posted by: HiraseMagic (Mar 24, 2003 07:13AM)
IF you don't want to buy one routine only, try Ammar's ETMCM vol.2, the ambitious card is included as well as nine good tricks.

Hirase :stircoffee:
Message: Posted by: Platt (Mar 24, 2003 09:03AM)
That's a great move. Although the way I've seen Blaine utilize it is different from the way you described. I've seen Blaine slip the top card onto the top of the bottom half. He then holds it outjogged on the bottom of the top half. He then places the top half (with outjogged card on bottom) into the bottom half. Although that sounds confusing, I think it's easier to follow than the standard - put card into the middle of the top and put top half into the middle of the bottom half. The move is a type of top change. I think it might be called "for the unambitious." It's on Daryl's video as well as Ammars.
Message: Posted by: Jonatan B (Mar 24, 2003 11:18AM)
I do the way Blaine does..the technique can be learned at ETMCM 2 by Ammar. :fruity:

I use it VERY often..even if I don't do the Ambitous.
Message: Posted by: Gr8neSS (Mar 24, 2003 11:28AM)
I'm glad someone brought this move up.... does anyone else have the problem of occasionally miscounting the number of cards put on top of the ambitious card?

Message: Posted by: rmccor (Mar 24, 2003 08:20PM)
Thanks, everyone. It seems that my two best bets are Daryl's video and Easy to Master Card Miracles #2 (I thought I'd spell it out for those who didn't know what ETMCM 2 was, including myself until I searched the internet). Any chance I could get a few more opinions as to which one would be more valuable?
Message: Posted by: marko (Mar 24, 2003 09:55PM)
It depends. Both are valuable. ETMCM 2 has an Ambitious Card routine and several other great tricks. Daryl's video covers only the Ambitious Card but it covers much more about this one effect than any other resource. You'll learn valuable sleights from both videos as well as (and this is the most important thing as you'll discover as you progress in magic) lessons in strong presentation. All we can really do is give you the information and let you make what you feel is the best decision for you. Hope this helps. :)
Message: Posted by: HuronLow (Mar 25, 2003 07:28AM)
If he appears to slide the top card into the middle of the deck after he cuts it, I think it is Jerry Sadowitz's Miracle Move. Hope that helps... :)
Message: Posted by: ronin77 (Mar 26, 2003 09:14PM)
I learned the Ambitious Card routine from Lorayne's Close-up Card Magic. In addition to the AC, there's a lot of great card effects. I highly recommend this book -- it's a classic!
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Apr 4, 2003 12:32PM)
The move is Jack Merlin's Tip-Over Change, and is in fact explained in both the Daryl book and the Ammar video. If you're only going to get one, I would recommend the Ammar video as it includes many other great effects besides the AC.