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Topic: Convincing Vanish
Message: Posted by: Joe (Mar 4, 2002 02:12PM)
I would like to vanish a 24" silk for adults version of 20th Century Bra (cabaret/stage situation) in a fairly convincing manner. I use a one handed change bag for the kids version but would prefer a stronger vanish for adults. I have thought of a cone but can't find one big enough for 24" silk, I have tried making one but wasn't very successful. I have also thought about a pull but what will take this size silk? Any ideas are welcome.
Thanks Joe :cool:
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Mar 4, 2002 04:12PM)
You can make your own pull out of a trimmed down toilet paper tube (wrap it with making tape to reinforce it) that will accomodate that size of silk easily. Other options would be a silk caddy, a newspaper cone, etc.
Message: Posted by: Mark the Balloon Guy (Mar 5, 2002 12:10AM)
try a diamond cut silk that looks like a 24 inch. then you could use a thumb tip if you want.

Silk ball is another way to go. Contact Duane Laughlin he has some great ball devices.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Mar 5, 2002 06:46AM)
There is a much simpler method of vanishing a silk than using a gimmick or prop (pull, ball, silk caddy, change bag, etc., etc.,). In fact it is the first silk vanish discussed in the “Rice’s Encyclopedia of silk Magic” (page 290).

I had read about it and promptly ignored it in favor of a Palmo ball until I went to a Patrick Page lecture in the early 70’s. Pat taught this bit as a “throwaway” or extra. That is, to answer a question from the audience, he showed and explained the vanish. It was not in his notes. He credited Rice among others. His lecture sent me back to my Rice to re explore some items that I had overlooked.

It is called (by Rice) “A Master Vanish” and involves rolling the silk up in a ball and palming it away. If you can do a sponge ball vanish, then you can do the Master Vanish.

It is best used to vanish large size silks, like your 24 incher. I produce a 36” silk early in my act and later vanish it.
Message: Posted by: Joe (Mar 5, 2002 10:01AM)
Thanks guys I'll check these methods out.
Is the Rice Encyclopedia still in print?
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Mar 5, 2002 07:03PM)
Yes, all four volumes have been reprinted, and at a pretty reasonable price, too!
Message: Posted by: Megatherion (Mar 29, 2002 06:04PM)

Have you thought about a hankball, they are great on stage. An other option is to use a ball with a opening, read Silken Sorcery by Hugard (one of my favorite writers).

Yours faithfully

:devilish: Dan Kirsch :devilish:
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Apr 24, 2002 09:50AM)
Use a hank ball -- I do. Duane Laflin has a great handling of it!
Message: Posted by: DarryltheWizard (Apr 26, 2002 07:26PM)
I like the idea of using a diamond silk with a thumbtip. It would be especially good if you use the Slydini move that makes the tt protrude from the back of your hand at right angles. Romaine ,a well-known magician originally from Montreal , has a move where the tt in the Slydini position is simply popped out of your hand and propelled up your sleeve. Think for a minute of the sucker trick where you try and catch a wooden-hooked dowel on an elastic inside a tube, and do the same move with a tt. As it is popped up your sleeve , you continue to pretend to stuff the last little corner into your fist. And you are left clean!
Darryl the Wizard :bunny:
Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Apr 28, 2002 05:14PM)
My favorite "magical looking" silk vanish was a magic wand. You touched the silk with the wand and it vanished. Unfortunately I haven't seen one of those wands in a very long time.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: David Todd (Apr 28, 2002 07:32PM)
Viking Magic Co. makes one called The Instant Silk Vanishing Wand.