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Topic: Sitting or Standing
Message: Posted by: gallagher (May 27, 2008 03:32AM)
Played a `Street Theater´ Festival here in Germany this weekend; as invited guests. We were probably the only `buskers´ in the lot. It was super organized, and very well attended. At each pitch, enough seats were provided for about half of the audience. Because we are `buskers´, we were asked to play a couple of pitches that weren´t set up as `mini-theaters´; as well as a few `seated´ spots.
I was really amazed that our show was much hotter where the folks, ALL the folks, HAD TO STAND! Hmmm,.... naturally, we philosophied about it a bit,...but totally understand it do we not!!
....any thoughts?
Message: Posted by: FunTimeAl (May 27, 2008 09:03AM)
I would imagine that developing the "mob mentality" would be a LOT more difficult if/when the specs were in their seats.

It probably gives them more of a 'movie theater' mindset rather than a 'watching something on the street' ...like a brawl... mindset.

Perhaps it's within our "fight or flight" nature to have easier access to our more intense emotions while standing. Sitting is a restful/contemplative position.

Well......that's all in my mind at least.

Did anyone raise their hand to talk while you were performing? ;)
Message: Posted by: gallagher (May 28, 2008 03:37AM)
Hey Chad, I think you´re right. Sitting is a passive position. We also had the feeling it was a position of power. There was this feeling, "We´re sitting. The place is ours. Now try to amuse us,.....if you can." Funny how people standing are easier to `move´.
That would be a funny bit; asking them to raise their hands, if they had anything to say! Could be a great running gag.
All the best,.. and some nice weather,