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Topic: Green backed Bicycle cards?
Message: Posted by: cempens (Mar 25, 2003 01:57PM)
I wrote USPCC and asked about black and green backed Bicycle cards. They told me the black backed ones were manufactured for military use. She didn't tell me about the green ones though. What is the story of those? Is there a source to get them at? I have seen people sell packs on eBay, but I was hoping to find a more steady (and hopefully less expensive) source to buy them from on a regular basis. :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: Minho_Kim (Mar 25, 2003 01:58PM)
I think what you're looking at are the tactical playing cards. They are supposed to last longer and be better, but Bicycles have been pretty @$#**- lately. I recommend Tally-ho's
Message: Posted by: jr_illusion (Mar 25, 2003 04:34PM)
Where can you get a deck of Tally-Ho's?
Message: Posted by: cempens (Mar 25, 2003 04:39PM)
Just this week I read on Penguinmagic.com's message board that they will be carrying Tally-Ho's in the near future (if not already). I will pick up a few packs to check them out.
Message: Posted by: WilliamWHolcomb (Mar 25, 2003 08:53PM)
You can pick-up Tally-Ho's at http://www.magicproshop.com
for $2.35. That's where I buy mine...
Peter has great customer service!

Hope this helps!
Message: Posted by: Vincent (Apr 9, 2003 07:03AM)
If you want to buy cards in bulk, there is a company by the name of Kardwell Intl., located on the East End of Long Island. I believe that their minimum order would probably be around 36 decks.

I've never seen them carry the green or black Bicycles, but I buy TallyHo cards from them all the time.

Take Care,
Vincent :die: :magicrabbit: :die:
Message: Posted by: Skulldini (Apr 9, 2003 06:09PM)
Try Pokerchip.com for Tally Ho. They list for $22.50 per dozen. They also stock most all of USPCC cards, but no Tactical listed. Hope that helps.
Skulldini :light:
Message: Posted by: MacGyver (Apr 10, 2003 07:41AM)
Priceking.com has them for about $16 per dozen, with a $200 minimum order.

You won't find tacticals online, except rarely on eBay.

Read the thread on tacticals; they are for US military use only, and it's illegal to buy them if you aren't in the service.
Message: Posted by: Steve Friedberg (Apr 11, 2003 08:36AM)
I could be wrong, but I doubt it's illegal to buy them if you're not in the service.

They're sold exclusively through stores on military bases; civilians are not allowed to purchase goods through those stores. Ergo, they're not commercially available.

Heck, I can just see it now: "And what is the charge?" "Violation of 35USC1945, your honor: illegal possession of tactical playing cards. We recommend remand without bail."

Message: Posted by: odroj88 (Apr 17, 2003 12:58PM)
Cempens, I also e-mailed the USPCC to inquire about green backed Bikes and they informed me that the green backed Bikes were or are only sold around Christmas time for a limited time.

They said that your local drug store should have them around Christmas although I have never seen them anywhere. Hope this helps.