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Topic: JL2 and Wayne Dobson's Free Vision Download!
Message: Posted by: rich_illusions (Jun 1, 2008 10:45AM)
Hello all,

just received my free PDF download from Lee Thomson at JL2 this morning - this is soooo good! They're giving away a free download when you purchase their Himber Twist wallet. It details Wayne Dobson's Vision trick (awesome mind-reading/gambling routine) plus some other stuff that, to be honest, I'm shocked is being given away for free! There's a 4 second watch steal, Lee's version of Vision that he uses on the street (including crowd-gathering lines and everything!), and a really nice sight gag, all using their himber wallet. As we all know, it's rare you find companies that give stuff away, and when they do it's normally rubbish, but with JL2 I've had nothing but quality stuff from them, time and time again. So for under 40 you get their himber twist wallet, a DVD and a booklet detailing all the moves and some great tricks, and now you get a 20-odd page e-book with some quality routines on top! *** good if you ask me - top notch! :o)