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Topic: confetti bucket
Message: Posted by: hat trick (Mar 25, 2003 04:23PM)
I was wondering if anyone has any tips for making and/or using a confetti bucket.
Message: Posted by: Jewls (Mar 26, 2003 01:33PM)
Hey, I love messy fun! Okay, this is not a pro bucket, but you can make an envelope of sorts and tape it to the top half of one side. Then when you add water, stay below the envelope and pour the water from the other side then when you're heading for the crowd, switch sides and [b]let them have it[/b]! I would think thin plastic and electric tape would work well. Oh, how about DUCK tape? LOL! Confetti should be torn and not cut to prevent paper cuts, and should be 1" in size.
Message: Posted by: mr.t.ricks (Apr 19, 2003 06:34PM)
Here is my contribution, get a plastic bucket and a piece of white or grey one and a half inch diameter drain pipe about three feet long, cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket big enough to fit the pipe on one side of the bucket, on the inside place a partition made from a piece of plastic, this is to hold the confetti, stand it with the pipe on the grass and pour the water in the side that has not got the confetti in it. The water will drain out of the pipe, you then make your way over to the crowd turning the bucket as you go, then tip the confetti over them :kermit: :magicrabbit: :clownjuggling:
Message: Posted by: Jewls (Apr 20, 2003 04:15PM)
Hi Mr Tricks,
Your version is different then the confetti bucket's I have worked with, we throw a little water first in the direction of the clown I am chasing, then the confetti in the audience. Your idea is very clever though, if you have a place for the water to drain, they watch you pour the water in. A double bottomed bucket with a slit on one side would work if you didn't have the drain.
Message: Posted by: smile4wandini (May 30, 2003 09:47PM)
I went to Home Depot, I bought a new paint can... I do a trick where the kids throw imaginary colors at me, I wipe them off into a can, (acting) then at the end of the show, throw streamers, fly out as I use a tossing motion. I made a fun label on my computer for it. :gift: :goodluck:
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jul 21, 2004 12:49PM)
Just got a confetti bucket in the mail...it has a cork in the bottom that has a water leak.....should I put silicone around the cork? Don't even know why they made it like this, I would rather just turn the bucket over and let it drain. Bought it used and have no idea where to buy a small cork like the one in the bottom of the bucket.

Thanks for help!

Message: Posted by: silking (Jul 21, 2004 02:28PM)
Silicone should do the job. New corks can be had at your local hardware.
Message: Posted by: ivfour (Jul 22, 2004 02:00PM)
Lowe's have any size cork that you would need in drawers by the bolts and screws.
Message: Posted by: DamarcoMagic (Nov 8, 2020 08:05AM)
I am very disappointed with the confetti bucket. The chamber you pour the water in is way too small. I don't know why they made it that way because you cannot make it look natural like you are just pouring water into it. For the cost I paid for it, it is very disappointing.