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Topic: A rant
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Jun 9, 2008 03:14PM)
Just got back from a festavel working it different at the moment. I have been busking it in front of my exhibit "The Strange Thing" (Thanks Doug).

It has been working well where I get to hat my audience them I follow it through with the 50c charge to enter. You be surprised how many pass through, then as soon as it gets quiet, I start a new show.

V has been manning our stall selling kids tricks and balloons. We have been doing a double act when we hit the streets.

Been warming up a bit, hit 30 degrees, ten hours of standing on your feet, and all you're good for is sleep. Then you do it again, again and in Spanish which is a major handicap out here. On the other hand it is a great way to learn Spanish. My whole show is in Spanish, but outside of the show, I still can't order a newspaper, a beer, yes.

Now I am on top of the mountain, my head is spinning with it all. We are back on the road tomorrow, and all can think off is to tell you lot about my weekend.
Mario :)
Message: Posted by: sir real (Jun 9, 2008 04:36PM)
Mario,it is really uncanny you posted about this type of show right now. As I have a couple of carnivals coming up with my own zibit, and was figuring on doing it in a similar fashion. Only I was thinking I would have to feel it out as to just include admission as a bonus after they hit the hat,or as an additional ding for entry. Sounds like a small additional ding may be the way to go. Thanks for posting this,it tells me I actually might be on track with it.
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Jun 10, 2008 12:34PM)
One thing is for sure it is a lot of hard work but the key is to have fun as well.
I am sure you will find what works best for you. I keep the change seperate now so I can keep track on what is what.
Message: Posted by: jasper (Jun 15, 2008 02:00PM)
Hi Mario - Great to hear what your up to! Sounds like your workin hard and havin an amazing journey.

Keep us all posted

Message: Posted by: bropaul (Jul 12, 2008 10:35PM)
Mario... Mario... Mario...

I'm proud of you. I've been talking to my wife about a booth and she says I'm nuts. So what's new about that. She knows I'm going to do it, but told me I'm on my own this time. I've just got to do it. It just sounds like fun. I'm in Florida and a nautical theme seems to make the most sense. P.M. me and let me know what not to do... Thanks and keep it up!

Brother Paul West