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Topic: Performing on South Division Video
Message: Posted by: G.Gilbert (Jun 16, 2008 06:49PM)
Here's my first real video (It's hard finding somebody to hold a camera when I'm working) ..


you'll see a lot of my teachers Jimmy Talksalot,Eric Evans.. You'll see some Jim Cellini / sonny Holliday.. these are my biggest inspirations in my magic and my life..

god bless

Message: Posted by: FunTimeAl (Jun 17, 2008 07:09AM)
This is a solid routine George.

I love that the whole thing packs small and can be played silent when needed :)
Message: Posted by: JoeJoe (Jun 20, 2008 12:26PM)
I used to work at that Burger King ... for like ... two whole days! lol

Great routine, 12 minutes, packs flat, plays big, and no better pitch in the world to be doing it on - I love Ocean City!

I do a lot of filming on a tripod, very hard to capture the moment ... I aim for a 45 degree angle that can capture both me and part of the audience. I film close-ups of the magic in between shows and then cut&paste them together with Windows Movie Maker.

I don't get a lot of usable footage, I'm always walking out-of-frame, someone is standing in front of the camera, there is background noise, bla bla bla bla bla - but it is very useful to myself as I get to watch my shows from the other side and see things I can't see from the stage.

Message: Posted by: ShawnB (Jun 20, 2008 02:24PM)
I can't get the video to play.. anyone else having problems with it?

I would love to see your routine.

Message: Posted by: cenafreak0709 (Jun 20, 2008 02:29PM)
I can't view it either. But his routine is at his youtube- http://youtube.com/watch?v=UpHuYyNHCeI
Message: Posted by: ShawnB (Jun 20, 2008 02:51PM)
Thanks Cenafreak!

Nice routine GG!!! I liked it a lot.

Message: Posted by: G.Gilbert (Jun 22, 2008 12:37AM)
Hey guys the first half of the video (part one) is based on a lot of work from my teachers Eric Evans, and Jimmy Talksalot.. like I said .. Jimmy Talksalot taught me a lot of the cigarette stuff, While Eric taught me a lot of work with the stick, and the coin... Yeah the stick and coin routine has Eric written all over it, and everything there is available in his DVD Secret Art Of Coin Manipulation, and his lecture notes "Wand Work". ...

In the second part of the video I actually combined 2 effects and gave them a plot together.. It's a rope through neck, and a Card to mouth that wich is Sonny Hollidays.

thanks guys