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Topic: Capital Magic Festival
Message: Posted by: magicbyc (Jun 26, 2008 03:39PM)
Hello everyone,

The Capital Magic Festival takes place over 2 weekends in Ottawa, Ontario Aug 15- 17th and 22-24th. We have booked some amazing talent this year including Harry Anderson, Jeff McBride, The Pendragons, Kreskin, David Merry, Eric Buss, Kristi Taguchi, James Biss, Knotty Bits, James Johnson and many others.

Aside from 6 stages of magic we are also thrilled to be able to offer Jeff McBride's "Secret Sessions" lecture as well as Jonathan Pendragon's "Signature Magic" lecture and James Biss' mentalism lecture. All this with out going to Vegas!

For more information you can email info@majinx.com
or visit the website @ http://www.capitalmagicfestival.com

Hope to see you there!
Message: Posted by: todsky (Jul 4, 2008 12:23PM)
I'll be there the first weekend.

Message: Posted by: magicbyc (Jul 4, 2008 01:15PM)
Great! Who else is coming? Sign up for the lectures is picking up. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Message: Posted by: splice (Jul 4, 2008 01:49PM)
Probably will be there hanging with the gang from HOM.

A number of big names are coming to town, I don't intend to miss them.
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Jul 6, 2008 05:27PM)
Finally something's happening in Ottawa that I can go to, whooo-hoooo!!!
That's awesome...
Message: Posted by: michaelmystic2003 (Jul 6, 2008 10:13PM)
AWESOME! I'll be there.
Message: Posted by: magicbyc (Jul 13, 2008 03:42PM)
There are still spaces available for the amazing lecturers we have at the festival this year. We so rarely have an opportunity to attend a Jeff McBride or Jonathan Pendragon lecture and both of these seasoned performers are looking forward to sharing their magical wisdom with you.

The lecture fees will get you into all shows being presented my the Capital Magic festival on the day of the lecture. That means you can partake in the lecture and then see these guys perform! It is a great opportunity, don't miss out!
Message: Posted by: Mike Segal (Jul 13, 2008 04:44PM)
I'll be there again!
Really looking forward to it.
Hope to see and meet many of you.
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Jul 13, 2008 06:09PM)
I just noticed there's an ad in Magic magazine for the event, very cool!
Message: Posted by: splice (Jul 17, 2008 10:54AM)
Looks like the schedule is now up on the website. But where's Kreskin? And will Harry Anderson really only be there for the one day?
Message: Posted by: magicbyc (Jul 17, 2008 05:11PM)
Kreskin in on August 20th at 8 p.m. He did not want to be billed as part of the Capital Magic Festival as he did not want people to feel that what he doing was an illusion or trickery in any way. So he is on stage in between the two official festival weekends.
Harry Anderson is performing for our opening ceremonies Aug 15th only. We are very excited to have him on board and he will be joined on stage by some of the other magicians.

I know many of you are thinking of attending the lectures and the organizers want you to preregister for the event. In order to guarantee a spot you must register and send payment before July 28th so please contact me if you are planning to attend. I really look forward to meeting you and to sharing in some great magic!
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Jul 18, 2008 10:01PM)
Kreskin too?! Very cool, I cannot wait for all this to happen!!
Message: Posted by: magicbyc (Jul 20, 2008 07:19AM)
Hello everyone,

We are getting great response for the McBride workshop , and I would like to get some feedback from you. Jonathan and Charlotte Pendergaon will be arriving early for the festival to do some promo spots for us and to visit with Harry Anderson. For those interested or already registered for the McBride workshop, would you be interested in attending Jonathan's lecture if he were to offer it on the first weekend? Either the Friday, Saturday or Sunday?
Please let me know what you think.

Here are the descriptions of the lectures being offered.

Signature Magic Aug 23
by The Maestro of Magic, Jonathan Pendragon

Most magicians have mastered a good solid magic routine. Jonathan Pendragon will discuss how to bring "uniqueness" to a your performance. Whether your performance is stage magic or illusions, you will benefit from using the techniques Jonathan teaches in this 2 hour lecture. Learn special stage techniques taught to him as a student of the University of California Irvine, Theatre School. Known by his past students as the maestro of magic, he blends his stage and film experience to make this one of the best lectures in magic today.

James Biss Aug 23

Magicians and Mentalists will be astonished by this all new lecture by the world wide best selling book, MESSING WITH MINDS and the soon to be released work, MIND BLOWING! James Biss will show you exactly how to thrill your audiences with simple props and methods by creating the illusion that THEY possess extra special abilities. Prepare to get Extremely Mental with James Biss!

Jeff McBride "Secret Session" workshop Aug 16 & 17th

A rare opportunity for Magicians of all levels of experience. Beginners, intermediate and advanced magic enthusiasts!

Would you like to …

… spend 4 inspiring hours studying magic with one of the most influential magicians of the 20th century (MAGIC Magazine)?

Learn new tools and techniques to help you create your own original presentations? Increase your effectiveness and self-awareness as a performer?

Experience new techniques for planning, delivering and evaluating your own magic performances?

This session focuses on close-up, platform and stage magic. You will be taught practical magic that you will use. This is not a lecture but much, much more.

Sessions are specially tailored to the students attending.

While not all of the below can be covered in a single session, possible subjects covered may include:

* Routining Your Show: The Seven Steps of Show Flow
* How to put an effective show together
* Professional advice on Business and Marketing
* McBride’s favorite close- up and stage magic secrets
* "A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline"...Your Goals and How to Achieve Them...
* Getting the Attention You Deserve out of the magic you already perform!
* Growing in Magic...taking your magic to the next level
* Creativity Exercises and Brainstorming Techniques
* How to develop your charater onstage and off....: Finding out Who You Really Are
* Play Big and Pack Small: Maximizing Your Impact
* Theater Arts: Props, Blocking, Movement and Music
* Real Questions/Real Answers

The Master Class has proven to be an effective and exciting way to learn and gain important insights into your own magical work – and the Secret Session Workshop provides you with the Master Class experience in miniature, without the expense of traveling all the way to Las Vegas.
Message: Posted by: jlevey (Jul 20, 2008 07:44AM)
Dear Majinx.

In addition to Jeff's Saturday class (August 16th), I would defintely attend Jonathan Pendragon's workshop if you can move its currently scheduled date and offer it either late Friday afternoon, or on Saturday, following Jeff's workshop -- but before Jeff's evening show.

The reason for my limited suggested time slots has to do with my plan to take the train into Ottawa on Friday morning, and my need to return by train to Montreal on Sunday morning for an evening gig.

I beleive that this would be an incredibly valuable workshop/lecture combo for both myself and many other fellow Café members that seek to develop themselves professionally and take their show and stage persona to a new level.

Hope you can make this happen. :goodluck:

Thanks for your extra efforts.

Please keep us posted.

Message: Posted by: todsky (Jul 21, 2008 02:25PM)
I second Jonathan's suggestion about the times for the Pendragon workshop.

Message: Posted by: magicbyc (Aug 5, 2008 08:16AM)
Hello everyone,

Well it has taken some string pulling but I have managed to get Jonathan Pendragon's lecture switched from Aug 23rd to Aug 16th. Jeff McBride's lecture will run from 10:30 -2:30 and Jonathan will run 3:30- 5:30.
Please, if you can attend the lecture send me an email to confirm your spot.

send to info@majinx.com

Also there are still spaces left for Jeff McBrides lecture on Sunday. Rather than cancel and disappoint the people who have registered that day, we have extended the deadline. This is such a great opportunity to spend some time with one of magics greatest performers! Please if you can make it let me know a.s.a.p.

I am really looking forward to this event and hope to see many of you there!

Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Aug 6, 2008 02:57PM)
I just wanted to add a "Me Too!" post. I and my partner Sylver will be there the second weekend. We are really excited about it!
We'll probably spend most of our time hanging out at the Pizza Pizza stage, so please...Come by and say Hi!
Message: Posted by: Kline (Aug 10, 2008 09:09AM)
Packing for the trip to Ottawa today ! Can't wait to see all of you again !
We are going to have a GREAT weekend !
What times am I on ? Just kidding !
See you soon !
Message: Posted by: hom (Aug 13, 2008 11:10AM)
Hey !
Tha H.O.M. Magic shop will be at Capital Magic Fest 2008. Come and see us !!
We will also be streaming live on our new website from the festival and from the shop !

Message: Posted by: magicbyc (Aug 14, 2008 10:14AM)
The stages are set the performers will be arriving shortly, hope too see many of you there!
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Aug 15, 2008 08:47AM)
Jeff McBride & Harry Anderson are performing tonight!!!
I can't wait to get off work...
Message: Posted by: jlevey (Aug 18, 2008 06:38AM)
Thanks Cynthia and Lawrence, for putting together such a wonderful and enriching first weekend of shows and lectures.

What a great expereince.

I am sure that for those that can attend next weekends a activities, they will not regret it.

Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Aug 21, 2008 09:26AM)
Well I saw lot 'o' magic last weekend (Harry Anderson, Jeff McBride etc) and I can't wait for this weekend coming!! Bring on the Pendragons!!!!
Message: Posted by: magicbyc (Sep 29, 2008 04:40PM)
Although I haven't read it or seen it yet, there is an article in this month's Magic Magazine about the Capital Magic Festival. The festival is finally getting some attention:) Yeah!
Message: Posted by: michaelmystic2003 (Sep 29, 2008 06:31PM)
I'm looking forward to reading that. My issue is on the way!
Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Oct 28, 2008 02:18PM)
So...was that in the September issue or October?
Aw heck..I'll just get both.
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Nov 1, 2008 10:59PM)
October issue...