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Topic: Practicing with Unknown Selections
Message: Posted by: Michael G (Jun 27, 2008 01:24AM)
Hi Everyone,

This is a strange question to ask but lately I've been practicing quite a few mem deck tricks where you need to determine a selection which should be unknown to you. By this I mean a spectator looks at or selects at a card, and then somehow you use the features of a mem-deck to determine it. Examples would be T.N.T. from Mnemonica or some of Aronson's wonderful locations.

How do you go about practicing these effects? Lately I have been putting little stickers on the backs of the cards so I know whether I located the right card. Does anyone have any other thoughts or ideas?

Message: Posted by: WilburrUK (Jun 28, 2008 09:58AM)
Some ideas that spring to mind:

get someone to help you (ok, probably not the most practical).
Use a digital camera / web cam / video camera
Use a one-way back design and reverse the selection.
Message: Posted by: kosmoshiva (Jun 28, 2008 01:34PM)
A dry-erase marker or a daub.
Message: Posted by: Turk (Jun 28, 2008 01:47PM)

I'm not certain I understand your question. But, when I practice memorized deck effects, I use many deckes--for different purposes. Some I have marked the stack order number on either or both sides and sometimes I just sit and practice effects with a friend.

Now, if you are suggesting that you want to pick a card (supposedly for the spectator) and not know its identity until the very end (and thereby simulate the real effect as much as possible), well, I'd get some Avery removable labels and, without looking at the identity of the "selection", I'd place a label on the face side of the card and, at the end of the effect do my "revelation" and then turn over the card and see if it has the label on it. You can buy these labels in 3/4" and 1 1/2" diameter "dots". I use them all the time for other purposes and they peel off of cards very nicely and don't leave any glue behind or otherwise damage the card(s) at all.

Hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: Nick Pudar (Jun 29, 2008 02:11PM)
If you are only practicing your mental skills (not aleight of hand), then my free software application called StackView is ideally suited for that task. There is a module called "Sessions" that essentially lets you record "Macros", or sequences of Events. Those events can include the selection of a card, which you will not know. You can then play back the Session of a fresh simulated deck, and try to mentally identify the selction based on knowing some certain information. You can then click a checkbox to show you the actual selection.

However, if you also want to practice the physical handling, then I have used a small cut-out corner of a Post-It note. When the spectator's card is selected, I just put the small corner of the Post-It note on the face of the selection without looking at it. I then handle the cards as I normally would in the effect.

Message: Posted by: Michael G (Jun 29, 2008 06:45PM)
Thanks Nick!

I have downloaded and used Stackview for a little while but I have yet to give the Sessions function a try. Thanks for reminding me. I have been using it to quiz me on my stack and for ACAAN calculation practice. It's a wonderful piece of software!

I also use the corner of a post-it note when practicing. It seems to be the best and easiest way. Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions!