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Topic: New C/S Coin Download
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Jun 28, 2008 01:18PM)
Hey, guys! I posted this in latest and greatest but some of you coin guys might not have seen it. Dave Forrest and I have a new release called "Attack of the Copper Silver Coin". It's a video download containing 10 super cool tricks with a C/S coin.

Here are the details:

Message: Posted by: RachelMilano (Jun 28, 2008 03:09PM)
Hi Cameron. Will you be posting any performance only videos in the near future?
Message: Posted by: Corbett (Jun 30, 2008 10:02AM)
Looks like good stuff. Will have to put this on my wish list Cameron.
Message: Posted by: Hearttau (Jun 30, 2008 04:31PM)

You might have more sales if you leave out a certain 4 letter word. George Lucas didn't use it either. It really is unnecessary to use crass language, and it is a turnoff in advertising your material. I was turned off by your choice of language, and didn't even bother to see the routines. Just something you might consider.

All the best,
Message: Posted by: CMNeff (Jun 30, 2008 11:57PM)
Cameron -

I thought your ad was well constructed and quite clever. I enjoy when people are creative both in their magic and their methods of advertising and it's amazing what one can do today with the computer programs available. I've been buying magic for well 40 years and so much of the ads today seem like they were produced when I was a child...rather old fashioned and staid. It's a shame really because I think that the demographics will show an aging population of people interested in the art. Fresh presentations are always welcome and the cleverness in the animation certainly catches the eye.

Look forward to checking out the download!
Message: Posted by: Russell (Jul 1, 2008 01:23PM)
As soon as the DVD comes out I will be buying it. I think Cameron Francis and DAvid Forest are great so with any luck the material on this new release will be equally as good

Message: Posted by: Dave Forrest (Jul 1, 2008 02:58PM)
Hey guys,

Thanks for all the comments and input.

Regards the animation and the choice of 'language' that's all down to me - so I should take both the praise and the 'heat'. I realise some people don't like 'naughty words but you can't please everybody. Bottom line is - I don't think the word "****" is offensive. Particularly when the context is as it is here - in a jokey, mischevious manner. TV, film, music, radio, literature, media - they've all been littered with so called 'curse' words for decades. Like it or not, these words are part of our language - EVERY language. I'm not producing a video for kids here. I'm producing a video for adults who are interested in magic. And even if kids do watch it 'by accident' you can guarantee they've heard/seen a LOT worse before. More importantly, the 'feel' of this particular video is of two magic buddies who met up and shot the results of their collaborative efforts. I'll tell you right now - we swore and made adult references all day long for our own amusement. Not all of it is in the video but, here's my 'disclaimer' - if you're offended by the word "****" this video may not be for you.

For the rest of you I guarantee you'll make a dash for your old C/S coin that hasn't seen the light of day in years and you'll thoroughly enjoy the 'banter' to boot! Personally I haven't enjoyed editing footage together so much in years!

Message: Posted by: Hearttau (Jul 1, 2008 04:02PM)

With all respect,'****' is a cheap way of getting around the issue. I've seen a few street magicians in the past year sadly "Keeping it real" in front of kids and they didn't say "****." I made a suggestion, you don't agree. That's fine. I'm old fashioned. As far as I'm concerned "Blue Magic" isn't going to make you or any magician more money, only less. I simply believe that there's everything to be gained by being considerate of whoever may be in your audience. This site is a very public forum and as you must know, kids are browsing as well. Just some food for thought I hope.

All the best,

Message: Posted by: Dave Forrest (Jul 1, 2008 05:34PM)
I'm only using '****' (Five hit) so that the language blocker (the single most irritating feature of the Café) doesn't make my post un-readable. It's not food for thought and I'm not trying to get round an issue - there is no issue. The word '****' is in common, everyday usage. You would have to go out of your way and really try hard not to hear it on a daily basis - that's how common it is. I'm amazed you feel compelled to even mention it - like I'm supposed to think of you specifically (and others who share your view) before I use the word '****' - it's ludicrous! As is the idea that I think writing '****' in a cartoon speech bubble is going to make me more money or that it could ever, in any way be termed 'blue magic'!

And as for the kids! It is the responsibility of parents to make sure they monitor what their kids are doing. But, I have to say, if any parents are checking their youngster reading the word '****' on an internet magic forum and are genuinely appalled then that parent is in for a BIG shock as soon as the kid in question really starts browsing the good ol' web!

I suppose my point is, when there are so many other bad things that kids could be doing - and there are - is it really worth worrying about four little letters in a jokey cartoon advert? It's like spilling a tin of paint on yourself and then complaining because it's not your favourite colour!

The same word was printed in MAGIC magazne a few issues back and I was just stunned to see a 'complaint' letter in the next issue. I'd really love to know what people think is going to happen if a minor reads these four letters printed together? What happens next - do they start to evaporate?

As an aside, I don't know if it's true or not but I've heard tale that the word '****' is actually an acronym. Apparently it comes from the Navy. On board ships certain waste materials had to be dumped in specific locations and in between getting to those locations the stuff would have to be stored. But, to avoid contamination and the obvious smell the crates would be stamped with ****.

Sounds unlikely but I do like the story! I always liked the idea that some random acronym made it into the unholy 'curse' word category! Ha! Even the term 'curse word' is funny when you consider the literal meaning of the word 'curse'!

Message: Posted by: Review King (Jul 1, 2008 06:47PM)
****? That's what being discussed?


Let's see. george Carlin put put his 7 dirty words you can't say on TV. And..it was played on FM radio in New York City. Out of millions of people, one prude wrote a letter of complaint to the FCC.

There's always someone that will complain about anything. I performed for a table once and as I took out my eye glasses I said "I'm blind without these things " and...a lady at the table was offended because someone in her family was blind.

Cameron, Dave, PLEASE don't hold back those wonderful senses of humor. It's part of your art and who you are!
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Jul 1, 2008 08:16PM)
Hey, guys, thanks for the words of support.

Rachel, there are two performance clips on the page. Just scroll down a bit.
Message: Posted by: amprice99 (Jul 1, 2008 11:13PM)
Interesting that **** in a cartoon is that offensive to Dave. Even a PG rated movies say the word ****. The music on the radio says even worse. The newspapers are filled with crimes, sexual assualts, murders. Also, the news on TV is far worse for a child to watch.
So Dave must not read the newspaper, doesn't listen to music, and only see rated G movies. I think your whole point is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Keep up the good work Cameron and Dave.
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Jul 1, 2008 11:37PM)
Thanks! I think there is some really cool magic in the download. I'm proud of the material.

I also love the ad copy and the trailer. As with all of Dave's stuff, it's top notch. He doesn't put out ****... Even though he might employ the word occasionally. :)

BTW, George Lucas did use the word in question. Okay, so it wasn't in "Star Wars". But it was in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"! So there!
Message: Posted by: amprice99 (Jul 2, 2008 08:42AM)
I can top that....you may or may not have seen the Shrek movies, but many kids have and guess what, he says the "s" word. Shrek also says crude jokes in the movie as well, and those movies were made for kids to watch.
Message: Posted by: JTW (Jul 3, 2008 08:56AM)
Probably not exactly the place to ask but what program did you use to create the animation sequences?
Message: Posted by: Mark Powell (Jul 3, 2008 11:45AM)
[quote]BTW, George Lucas did use the word in question. Okay, so it wasn't in "Star Wars". But it was in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"! So there!

Ooooh, hate to be picky but it was in "Temple Of Doom" (on the rope bridge), not "Raiders".

Anyway, what the !@#$ were we talking about?
Message: Posted by: JoeHohman (Jul 3, 2008 12:38PM)
Dave and Cameron, I think that a DVD examining the potential of the C/S is a good thing. But like Hearttau, I am disappointed with your ad.

Maybe I am old-fashioned as well, and maybe I am hypocritical (for I have certainly used that word on occasion), but in my opinion it is just intellectual laziness when one resorts to blue words to be funny. Nine times out of ten, we are taking the easy way out because we aren't clever enough to come up with something more creative or imaginative.

This argument that I have to accept profanity because it is so ubiquitous in our society is just wrong in so many ways. First, I don't think the original premise is true -- profanity is actually incredibly rare in my workplace, because most of the people that I work with are polite, genteel folk with some degree of self-control. But secondly, even if it WERE true, that doesn't mean that we should have to accept it -- there is a robbery every day in my city, but that doesn't make robbery acceptable.

Dave and Cameron, I am sure you are great magicians, but I want you to think hard about this, even for just a second or two -- as artists (this is what we propose to be when we entertain), we owe a responsibility to our audiences. Part of that responsibility includes how we conduct ourselves. It is sad if this is such an integral part of your own personality that you can't get along without it.

This doesn't mean that I don't respect you, but I certainly do not agree with you.
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Jul 3, 2008 04:35PM)
Just because there is profanity in the ad copy doesn't mean David or I use it in our act. I'll leave it at that.

Mark, actually it was used in Raiders. When they're on the boat near the end. In the pilot house, the captain points out the german sub to Indy. Indy says, "Oh, ****".
Message: Posted by: Mark Powell (Jul 4, 2008 09:56AM)
I've just checked and he does indeed utter "Holy ****" before looking through his binoculars at the sub. I stand corrected! :)
Message: Posted by: jprace (Jul 4, 2008 11:13AM)
Does anyone actually own this and care to write a review?
Message: Posted by: jprace (Jul 8, 2008 06:09PM)
Sorry for the double post. Anyway, can someone confirm you only need one copper/silver coin for all the routines. I will probably get this when the DVD is released, which is a day before my birthday! Who doesn't love bonuses and extra content? But I ordered a copper silver coin from Schoolcraft for a routine of mine, and I will not pay another $65 for another coin!
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Jul 8, 2008 10:00PM)
Hey, magicman! All of the routines on the dvd require one C/S coin only. There is one (brilliant!) routine by Dave on the dvd which requires a C/S coin and a half dollar sh*** Other than that all you need is one C/S coin, some regular half dollars and a couple of English Pennies. Playing cards, business cards and small stickers are also used in some of the effects.

Hope that helps!
Message: Posted by: jprace (Jul 8, 2008 11:31PM)
Cool! I will probably get this when it comes to DVD. I got to find some King George Pennies, because that's what my C/S coin uses. I hope they're not rare...
Message: Posted by: Brother Dæmonicus (Aug 8, 2008 02:31AM)
On 2008-07-04 12:13, magicman4646 wrote:
Does anyone actually own this and care to write a review?

Happy to help! ;)

REVIEW - Attack of The Copper Silver Coin

Available from: http://full52.com/aotcsc.html

[b]The Effect[/b]

The faithful Copper/Silver Coin – a gaff so ancient that no effort is made to disguise what it is in its title!

Chances are, if you’ve ever been remotely interested in Coin Magic at some point, you’ll have at least one of these lurking at the bottom of your magic drawer, which probably hasn’t seen the light of day in years (if not decades!).

Well, all of that may very well be about to change with the forthcoming release of ‘Attack Of The Copper Silver Coin’ – a brand new DVD from Dave Forrest’s Full 52 stable.

Containing no less than ten full, knock-‘em dead Copper/Silver Routines, presented by both Dave and Cameron Francis, I can guarantee that there will be at least 3 or 4 routines here which will get you drooling!

Effectively being (as Dave quite rightly puts it) the double-baked card of the coin magic genre, you’ll soon be looking at your old Copper/Silver coin in a brand new light.

Without further ado then, here’s a run down of the contents:


Dave & Cameron discuss the background of the Copper Silver Project, and the history of the Copper/Silver Coin.


[b]1) Where Eagles Dare[/b]

A Silver Coin is displayed and is signed on one side by the Magician and the other side by the spectator.

Two Copper coins are then displayed, and the signed Silver is placed openly in-between them. With a simple shake of the hand, the marked silver coin vanishes instantly and is removed from the Magician’s pocket.

What a strong, strong opening effect – this is simple, visual...and seemingly impossible with all of the coins being handled so openly and fairly.

Surprisingly, the effect is also incredibly simple to perform, too – a definite keeper!

[b]2) Opposites Attract[/b]

A very nice, three-phase routine with both Copper and Silver coins being signed to preclude any jiggery-pokery:

The signed Copper is placed into the Magi’s pocket and instantly jumps back to join its Silver buddy in the Magician’s hand.

One coin is then held in each hand with the Copper again jumping to join the Silver.

Finally, the Spectator covers his signed Copper coin with his own hand, and the Silver Coin jumps from the Magi’s hand...

On lifting his hand, though, our poor, bewildered Spec finds only his Copper coin...until this is turned over to show that the Silver Coin has ‘fused’ itself to the reverse side – one side still bears the Spec’s initials, whilst the other bears the Magi’s!

[b]3) Double Transit[/b]

Copper and Silver Coins are displayed along with a deck of cards, which are cut by the Spectator.

One coin is signed by the Spec with the other being signed by the Magi. The cut-to card is also signed by the Spectator.

The Spec’s coin is now fairly-covered with their signed card, whilst the Magi’s signed coin is covered with an indifferent card.

In an instant (and yes, I do MEAN an instant – think split-second here!), both sets of coins and cards change places – make no mistake, this is simply jaw-dropping stuff!

[b]4) Spectator’s Choice[/b]

A Silver and Copper coin are displayed and are fairly held, one in each of the Magi’s hands.

The Spectator is asked to name which coin should vanish...and the named coin instantly jumps from the Magi’s hand to his pocket.

The Magi then squeezes the remaining coin, which instantly changes places with the coin in his pocket.

Again (see a pattern forming here, guys), this is an incredibly snappy, visual effect, and so practical that it’s going to find it’s way into a great many folks’ routines before very long.

[b]5) Simple Alchemy[/b]
Now this is simply a killer routine, purely due to it’s sheer visual nature.

Three Copper Pennies are displayed by the Magi, who patters about the age-old secrets of alchemy and the transmutation of base metals.

...Without warning, all three coins instantly change to Silver Half-Dollars!

One of these immediately reverts back to its Copper form and is pocketed, followed by a second. Finally, the third Silver coin is merely ‘wiped’ by the Magi’s thumb and visually reverts to Copper, right in front of the Spec’s eyes!

The three Copper coins are retrieved from the Magician’s pocket, instantly change back to all being Silver...and then, in a heart-beat...ALL VANISH ENTIRELY!!

This is a real Wham! Bam! of an effect and, by the end of the presentation, it was all I could do not to give some kind of really embarrassing, solo standing ovation.

Suffice to say, I really liked this one!

[b]6) Metal Sink[/b]

Okay – this is SIMPLY NOT FAIR NOW!!

The hard-hitters keep on coming, and by now, I have to admit that I’m getting pretty breathless with so much between-the-eyes stimuli (the men in white coats are on serious stand-by!).

A deck of cards is introduced, and a card is chosen by each of two Specs. The chosen cards are returned to the deck, and the Magi then displays a Copper coin and a Silver coin.

The Silver coin is given a shake and invisibly sinks through the Deck, locating the first Spec’s card. The coin and card are laid to one side.

Next, the Copper coin also vanishes, in a similar fashion, but cannot be found in the deck. Finally, the Copper Coin is located...underneath the previously-found first card...which has now changed to the second-selected card – there’s now no sign of the first card or the Silver coin!!

In a real kicker ending, the first card and Silver coin are finally found UNDERNEATH THE CELLOPHANE OF THE CARD CASE...which has been in full view throughout the duration of the effect!!

[b]7) Metal Sink Too[/b]

In fairness, this is a lesser variation of the above-effect and proceeds in the same way, but omitting the transposition of the coin and card with the second card being located immediately underneath the cellophane.

If you don’t want to get the (fairly simple) handling down to pull off the ‘original’ version, then this is a viable alternative...although it is lacking the major punch-in-the-face gorgeousness of the better version.

[b]8 )Money Business[/b]

A very nice three-phase sympathetic coins routine with the two usual coins and two business cards marked ‘C’ and ‘S’.

The cards are placed face-down with their respective coins, which are then swapped. The cards are now turned face-up to show that they too have changed places.

Next, the Silver coin is placed under the ‘Copper’ card, and the Copper coin underneath the ‘Silver card’. In an instant, both cards are flipped over to show that the coins have switched places!

Finally, the Copper coin and card are placed in the Magi’s pocket, whilst the Silvers are held in his hand. A quick shake, and both sets immediately transpose for a killer ending!

[b]9) Heavy Mental[/b]

Whoa!! What? A mentalism routine with the old Copper/Silver coin?

[Churchill Dog] Oh, Yes!! [/Churchill Dog] (Please note – that’s a very British pun – apologies to overseas readers!)

The Magician displays a pack of business cards, explaining that they contain a prediction.

Next, he removes a selection of coins, which he secretes under his hand on the table.

He explains that he is hiding a Half-Dollar, Old English Penny, and a Chinese Coin. The spec is asked to visualise each of the coins in vivid detail, and then to settle on just one of his choices.

The Magi then turns over his prediction card, which is totally accurate, and turns the hand hiding the coins to show only one remaining...the Spec's!!

[b]10) Up For The Cup (AKA ‘The Estate Agent Trick’)[/b]

Three Silver coins and an empty cup are displayed with the Magi explaining that the aim of the effect is to get each coin to travel to the cup...invisibly!

He squeezes the three Silver coins, and one is heard (in glorious surround-sound) to land directly in the cup!

This is done again – even more cleanly, if possible – and once more, all three coins landing in the cup.

On tipping the cup out, all three coins are now seen to have changed to Copper!

These are pocketed, and the Magi explains that he’ll now try to retrieve the silver-essence...promptly pulling three Silver coins from the empty cup!


DVD only: £14.99 + postage
DVD Plus Instant Download: £20.00

DVD Release Date (Download Available now): Mid August

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Between 2 and 3; absolutely nothing that should phase anybody with a modicum of coinability.


For the paltry price that’s being asked for what I would consider to be a fairly essential DVD for any coin Magician, this collection is, without a doubt, pure bloody gold (or should that be Copper/Silver?)!!

Whilst I’m not too keen on any effect that involves coins with signed stickers on them (and there’s a few in this DVD), even I found myself surprised at how much extra impact is added with these.

Along with Dave and Cameron’s trademarked self-depreciating humour, the actual instructional sections are very clear, concise, and perfectly-paced.

The few basic coin sleights used here are comprehensively demonstrated and credited to their developers, and everything’s kept to a simple sleight/killer effect ratio perfectly.

The only poor routine here was the ‘Metal Sink Too’ variant, which added nothing to its far superior brother.

On the whole, though, this DVD is a right little stunner and will almost certainly add immediate extra impact to any existing coin routines that you use.

Two words: Get it!


Message: Posted by: Magiguy (Aug 9, 2008 09:29AM)
Well done, Rob! Very thorough. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Aug 9, 2008 02:01PM)
Yes, thank you very much! :)
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Aug 11, 2008 09:18AM)
Nice stuff, Cam. :)

I also think the C/S coin is underrated...It can be very powerful. :) I use it in a simple way in my "Short Pockets" offering (somewhere ;) ) and it kills in the way I use it in conjunction with my work. Seems like you guys just went crazy with it and came up with some good takes. Much success on it. -Mb
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Aug 13, 2008 01:38PM)
Hey, thanks, man! Yeah, we did kind of go crazy with it! :) I think we came up with some cool stuff. Thanks for the support. Means a lot.
Message: Posted by: amerigo (Aug 25, 2008 11:24AM)
Holy ****.
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Aug 27, 2008 12:36PM)
I have recently been informed that the DVDs are coming very soon!
Message: Posted by: Airave (Aug 28, 2008 03:11PM)
I've got a couple of C/Ss laying around that could use some action. Tempting- some nice looking routines!

Glad to see this is Mac compatible... :D
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Aug 29, 2008 12:58PM)
The DVD contains one bonus routine, as well as an intro and some funny outtakes during the credits. :)
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Sep 17, 2008 05:29PM)
HI! The dvd is out! Should be in shops any day now.
Message: Posted by: Dave Forrest (Oct 2, 2008 06:34PM)
Hey folks,

The DVD is now avaiable -if you buy the DVD you'll also get the download completely FREE of charge! Not a bad deal!

Click the link in my signature for more info!

Message: Posted by: mikenewman (Oct 3, 2008 07:15AM)
I am amazed at how much the word in question has struck up so much conversation here!

It reminds me of the time when Madonna was in the news for (I don't want to say; I am too new here...). She did this at her concerts and the media was ALL over it bigtime. Well, that's what she wanted!!! Attention.

I am NOT by any means saying this was your intent Dave. Just came to mind. I love the looks of the DVD/Downloads, etc. Being in video production professionally myself; I am very impressed! Great job!

I wasn't offended and don't see a problem with it at all. I also see where those who don't like it could be offended or not like it. That's what I love about the good ole USA! We can and do voice/act on our opinions!

BTW: What is the "Special" link to? I tried and was denied access. I am guessing it's to the "Secret' section which I have a LONG way to go for access...
Message: Posted by: Airave (Oct 13, 2008 11:36AM)
The DVD is very entertaining with some really cool tricks
using just a couple of basic/easy slights, the C/S and a couple
of regular C's and S's. Recommended! You can tell how much fun
they had making this! :D
Message: Posted by: jprace (Oct 13, 2008 11:46AM)
Hey guys, no need to worry, but when I went onto Full52, Avast, my virus program, detected a virus. Just a word of caution.

And mikenewman, you need 50 posts to get into the Secret sections.