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Topic: Ball to silk
Message: Posted by: fakiir (Jul 18, 2008 09:21AM)
Hello all! I'm currently working on my stage act with doves and ball manipulation. Does anyone have an idea how to make ball change to a silk in the air (like in Lance Burton's act)?
It's not a problem to steal a silk and make a false transfer, but I don't get it how to make the silk unfold so nicely in the air. Is there any gimmick in use, any special fold, or any booklet about the subject I that can buy? Thanks for you time!
Message: Posted by: graywolf (Jul 20, 2008 04:28PM)
Fukai has the best way in his lecture. It looks better and is easier than Lance's.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Jul 20, 2008 07:16PM)
The folding is significant. Check Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic, Tarbell, or almost any of the standard teaching references.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: fakiir (Jul 21, 2008 05:07AM)
Ok, thanks a lot gentlemen! Best!
Message: Posted by: PokerMagic (Sep 7, 2008 01:15AM)
Do any videos talk about silk manipulation, perhaps with balls too?
Message: Posted by: James Adamson (Sep 7, 2008 05:13PM)
Do you have tails?

Jeff McBride's stage DVD series has silk and ball manipulation.

And as stated above by others get the Rice Silk books and you have a wealth of knowledge not only of folds, which makes a big difference, but most all silk effects that you seen are in there.