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Topic: What is your favourite magic poster?
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Jul 28, 2008 05:12PM)
Being that I grew up loving Houdini my favorite poster is the one of Houdini where he's in arm and leg restraints ("Nothing On Earth Can Hold Houdini A Prisoner") [url=http://www.art.com/asp/sp-asp/_/PD--12211684/SP--A/IGID--1586243/Harry_Houdini.htm?sOrig=CAT&sOrigID=8974&ui=9B45A25052CE44349A19A2257102D6D7]Houdini Poster Link[/url]

What's your favourite?
Message: Posted by: emeline (Jul 30, 2008 03:00AM)
Hi all.

My favorite poster is named "Nothing On Earth Can Hold Houdini A Prisoner", too. In addition, I like the one entitled "Houdini presents his own original invention the greatest sansational mystery ever attempted in this or any other age". You seem to be quite interested with the art of magic made by Houdini, James! You're right, Houdini was so talented.


Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Jul 30, 2008 05:35PM)
That he was. The fact that people today (who know nothing about magic) can name Houdini says something! He made an impact...

You're right Emeline, I was interested in Houdini at a young age and it's never stopped. I proudly hang my poster of him (mentioned above, see link) and have had it for a long time. There are many magic posters that are beautiful to look at but for me Houdini's are those most intriguing. Here are a few more I adore:



Message: Posted by: emeline (Jul 31, 2008 09:20AM)
Hi James.

Thanks for the links; the posters are obviously amazing and impressive. I like to collect old things such as Magic posters! The colors are unique, in addition, the text styles of the slogans are so elegant. By the way, have a look at the web site allposters.com because there is a range of vintage posters.

Message: Posted by: magicbob116 (Aug 19, 2008 10:19AM)
Some of my favorites are:

Carter the Great-
World's Weird Wonderful Wizard
Carter Beats the Devil

T. Nelson Downs-
King of Koins http://www.magicgallery.com/Downs%20images%20page.htm#King%20of%20Koins

Levitation http://www.magicgallery.com/Kellar%20Levitation%201894%20-%20MagicGallery.com.htm
Witch Sailor and Monkey http://www.magicgallery.com/images/KELLAR_WITCH.jpg
Golden Butterfly http://www.magicgallery.com/images/kellbutterfly.jpg

Robinson (Chung Ling Soo)-
Marvelous Chinese Conjurer http://www.magicgallery.com/Soo%20Unseen%20-%20MagicGallery.com.htm
Fans http://www.magicgallery.com/Soo%20Fans.htm
Drum http://www.magicgallery.com/Soo%20Drum%20Cave.htm
Bullet Catch http://www.magicgallery.com/Soo%20Facing%20the%20Boxers.htm (interesting note that he died being shot during this trick)
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Aug 21, 2008 10:30AM)
I have to admit Magicbob116, the Downs poster is also one of my favorites.
If I was to get another one that would be it!

Thanks for sharing those links!

Message: Posted by: critter (Aug 21, 2008 09:30PM)
I like the Downs one that bob mentioned. A similar one I liked was "Houdini, King of Kards and Koins!"
I also really like the Comedians de Mephisto with the little cartoon strip stories and Talma tricking the cab driver. That one is probably my favorite. I have been so entranced by Talma ever since I saw that printed in Randi's magic history book that it helps fuel my never ending love of coin magic.
Message: Posted by: critter (Aug 21, 2008 09:32PM)
This is the one I mean but I can't find a bigger copy:
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Aug 21, 2008 09:46PM)
I am fond of Uncle Harry's Show of 1001 Wonders poster.
Message: Posted by: Illusionist11 (Aug 21, 2008 10:54PM)
Here's mine http://sedgehammer.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/magic_posters.jpg ....thurston
Message: Posted by: Matt Watts (Oct 25, 2008 07:14PM)
I am sure you can find it here check out the prices $4 each.You cant beat that.

Message: Posted by: newman1066 (Jan 19, 2009 10:35PM)
Blackstone, Sr.'s ORIENTAL NIGHTS; Harry Kellar's THE WITCH, THE SAILOR AND THE ENCHANTED MONKEY, Carter the Mysterious, Astral Hand, Carter the Great's VANISHING SACRED ELEPHANT, Great Raymond's, TRIP TO SPOOKSVILLE, Howard Thurston's PHANTOM PIANO, SPIRIT PAINTING, TUB OF DIOGENES and all his Strobridge levitations, Houdini's "Man in the bottle" vertical 3-sheet and most CLS lithographs.
Message: Posted by: Logan Five (Jan 25, 2009 12:20AM)
Alexandre KNOWS...
Message: Posted by: mrmagician (Feb 6, 2009 06:13AM)
For me, It would have to be a toos up between Kellar Walking Through The Woods and Kellar Passing The Mantle to Thurston.
Message: Posted by: joseph (Feb 7, 2009 06:16AM)
On 2009-01-25 01:20, Janus109 wrote:
Alexandre KNOWS...

I had [url=http://movieposters.ha.com/common/view_item.php?Sale_No=57112&Lot_No=26022]THIS[/url] tee shirt..Everyone wanted to know
what they should ask him.. :) ...
Message: Posted by: magicnator (Feb 7, 2009 11:01AM)
I think my favorite that I don't have is Karmi swallows the gun barrel and shoots a cracker from a mans head...and my fav that I have is the Great Virgil...a 4 sheet showing some of his tricks like shooting a woman from a cannon.
Message: Posted by: David White (Mar 23, 2009 08:26PM)
I have a few of the ones mentioned here and I love them all.

No one has mentioned david blaine's posters which have been created much in the same vein as these classic ones. His artist Mark Stutzman http://www.eloqui.com is excellent in making the posters look classic and does a phenomenal job.
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Apr 3, 2009 07:24PM)
Ricky Jay Cards As Weapons
Message: Posted by: markmiller (Apr 5, 2009 09:30PM)
Blaine Frozen in Time, contemporary, Selbit Wrestling Cheese for clasic.
Message: Posted by: mumford (Apr 5, 2009 11:36PM)
Carter camel poster and Keller levitation.
Message: Posted by: noble1 (Apr 7, 2009 07:52PM)
Alexander, the one where he's staring into the crystal ball he's holding with a skeletal hand.
Message: Posted by: Kevin Connolly (Apr 7, 2009 08:59PM)
I had that one for years and years and my wife wouldn't let me hang it up! The same went for the Thurston Skull poster of the same size. :)
Message: Posted by: mrmagician (Apr 7, 2009 11:29PM)
I got rid of my wife so I could hang it up.
Garry Hayes
Message: Posted by: Kevin Connolly (Apr 8, 2009 12:04AM)
Ah, but you can more fun with a wife in the dark. ;)~ Anyway, she let me put an addition on the house for the Houdini stuff. :)
Message: Posted by: msmaster (Apr 13, 2009 05:46PM)
Kellar levitation
Message: Posted by: Scott Penrose (May 24, 2009 02:11PM)
The Servais Le Roy levitation poster.....however any of the Le Roy posters printed by Friedlander are great. The trademark yellow and orange colouring in the Le Roy poster series is really striking.

Message: Posted by: thorndyke (May 24, 2009 04:26PM)
I am fond of my Bill Neff poster, although the Cunning, King of Jail Brakers runs a close second.
Message: Posted by: Kevin Connolly (May 24, 2009 05:10PM)
Do you know of anyplace with some info on Cunning?
Message: Posted by: mumford (May 24, 2009 07:25PM)
Also Chung Ling Soo: Land of the Peacock, Ten Assistants, Palet with paintbrushes
Message: Posted by: thorndyke (May 25, 2009 11:05AM)
Not much info on Cunning so I am hoping that someone finds his scrapbook like Mr. Hunt did with Brindamour.
Cunning (full name Robert Cunningham) from Provo, Utah. Sometime associate of Alexander. May have taught escapes to Miss Hilda when she was with the Yankee doodle Girls act.
Was alive into the 1960s (as per Escapism column from Rubini) which would have made him the last of the handcuff kings.
Other than performing in From Sing Sing to Liberty nothing else not mentioned in Christopher's Houdini bio.
Message: Posted by: Kevin Connolly (May 25, 2009 01:05PM)
Thanks for the info. I'll guess I'l to read his book someday. It's just that there is never enough time.
Message: Posted by: markmiller (May 30, 2009 10:27AM)
Thurston "All Out of a Hat"
Message: Posted by: joshsmagic (Jun 7, 2009 07:52PM)
No doubt about it, Richard Turner and Dai Vernon poster...so sick
Message: Posted by: noble1 (Jun 8, 2009 04:28PM)
One of my favorites: Selbit Wrestling Cheese
Message: Posted by: lebowski (Jun 10, 2009 01:57AM)
Keller Levitation
Message: Posted by: john magic wright (Jan 2, 2019 11:40AM)
Hey signed poster to me from Silvan
Message: Posted by: john magic wright (Jan 2, 2019 11:41AM)
Hey signed poster to me by Frank Brents
Message: Posted by: john magic wright (Jan 2, 2019 11:42AM)
Hey son poster to me by Andre Kole
Message: Posted by: john magic wright (Jan 2, 2019 11:43AM)
Hey sign post to tell me by Shimada
Message: Posted by: john magic wright (Jan 2, 2019 11:43AM)
Hey sign picture to me by David Copperfield
Message: Posted by: reed kammerer (Jan 13, 2019 05:40PM)
Mine is framed and in my magic den. Mysto Magic Poster
Message: Posted by: GlennLawrence (Jan 16, 2019 12:41PM)
I have an Abb Dickson poster from his Show "Presto!" that he signed for me in 1985 which is pretty neat, but I really love the classic posters, especially the Houdini "Buried Alive- Egyptian Fakirs outdone" poster from 1926. Had a chance to purchase an original one some years back but it turned out to be more than I wanted to go for...
Message: Posted by: bdungey (Apr 8, 2019 01:02PM)
I would love to find a source to purchase a Dai Vernon poster - even a print!
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Apr 8, 2019 09:47PM)
Bdungey, Reach out to Potter & Potter Auctions: https://potterauctions.com/contact

Gabe is a stand up guy who may be able to point you in the right direction.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Apr 8, 2019 10:13PM)
And for the record, my favorite poster by far is the red background, "Alexander, The Man Who Knows" poster. Do the Google. It's an iconic poster.

I am a graphic designer by trade, and adore...like all of us...the many fantastic magic poster designs of the past. But this one in particular hit me on the head like a hammer when I first saw it. And, at auction, it was relatively affordable due to its availability, I'm guessing due to historical timing, and how many of these particular posters were produced verses being destroyed.

Whatever. I don't care. For me, this poster is graphically one of the most powerful magic images ever mass produced. Simplicity and color drives the composition, but the eyes are the prize. Or the anti-prize. I hung this framed original poster in my "magic room," which was adjacent to our young son's room. And he would have none of it. That man was looking at him, and he insisted that we close the door so he could sleep.

The power of Alexander.