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Topic: Repro Magic - the end of an era
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Jul 30, 2008 12:47PM)
Info from http://www.mikedanatasmagicstudio.co.uk/

For many years the above image was the logo for [b]Geoff Maltby's "Repro Magic", England[/b]. It is with a mixture of emotions, that I have to announce that due to health issues, Geoff from Repro will shortly be retiring (although I am sure he will still be doing something in connection with magic!)

I have now purchased all the remaining stocks held by Repro, plus copyrights to many books & tricks that were still held by the company. So although the Repro Rabbit in the logo, appears to be waving "Goodbye" he's actually saying "Hi!" as he moves from London to Bournemouth!

A little of Repro Magic will live alongside Mike Danata's Magic Studio, as we reintroduce some real gems of magic, that just may have been forgotten about! (especially with so many "New" items coming out these days, on an almost daily basis.)

I shall have my work cut out over the next few months, to introduce the items into our already HUGE range! so keep checking the website.....

I've known Geoff for over 30 years, & as a professional performer I turned to Geoff to buy much of what I performed professionally, often buying all the latest items, in an age when there wasn't so many people dealing in magic, like there is now! also with a much more limited (hand picked) range!

I'm both excited by what I have acquired, & very sad because of the end of an era.

I would like to take this opportunity, to wish Geoff & his partner William all the very best for the future................

Mike Danata July 26th 2008

http://www.mikedanatasmagicstudio.co.uk/ (England)
Message: Posted by: markymarkmagicuk (Mar 19, 2020 07:04PM)
I know this post was a long time ago, but I was just curious as to the health of Geoff Maltby. For almost 20 years I used to buy magic from Repro Magic and used to own several video cassettes (remember those!!!) of the magic he did often with Simon Lovell. It would be nice to hear some news as to what he's doing since retiring from Repro Magic.
Message: Posted by: magicands (Sep 4, 2020 05:17PM)
I echo the above comment.
I recall visiting Repro in Queenstown road on 3 occasions and Geoff always took me out for a bite of lunch and a drink, I spent most of my money on large illusions like the slimline sawing in half, Sub trunk and Zig zag of the day, etc, all of which have long since departed but I still have a Repro roll on suitcase table (re covered) and a 20th century silk frame in the typical Red and Gold coverings that were synonimous with repro.
I hope that Geoff is ok, I have fond memories of my visits to the shop and our chats at Blackpool magic conventions.