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Topic: Plans for a topit?
Message: Posted by: smagic166 (Oct 2, 2001 02:54PM)
Iím looking for plans to make a topit or snitch pocket but I canít find any place to get them, does anyone know if there is a place to get them for free online or where I can buy a topit? Thanks, bye


christopher j hyde
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Oct 2, 2001 03:59PM)
Both the Ammar and Cloutier Topit patterns are readily available from most dealers.
Message: Posted by: kristel (Oct 2, 2001 05:02PM)
Hi fellow magicians,

I agree with GreatScott and if you could afford it get the Toppit videos from both of them itís a must and you wonít regret your investment. If I remember the plans came with the video. Ask your magic dealer to be sure.

Andre Le Magicien

Excuse my french! :idea:
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Nov 6, 2001 06:35PM)
Michael Ammarís Topit book comes with a pattern and complete instructions on how to modify your jacket to maximize the use of it.

I tend to use a pin-in Topit. It has no access from outside the jacket as does most built in versions.

I often simply use a black hair net! Yes you read right! It uses three safety pins to the jacket and two to the belt loops. It works fine. It rolls up into a very little ball when not in use.

I also have an old Patrick Page version (not made anymore). It is a fairly large, flat backed black cloth bag. The top edge has some kind of cloth stiffener and Velcro strips. It is pinned into the jacket with three or four safety pins that also has Velcro on them. The pins are put into place then the bag is attached via the Velcro. The bag is also pinned to the trousers at one point. The bag opening is so large that it is impossible to miss.

By the way Pat Page has an excellent Topit tape out. Great Stuff!
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Nov 6, 2001 10:08PM)
The Transferable Topit isn't bad, but I feel it is WAY overpriced.
Message: Posted by: smagic166 (Nov 9, 2001 04:58PM)
Thanks guys. Do any of you know a web site where I can buy those plans?

If so, thanks, you have been really great and Iím glad to know you..well bye.:dance:


christopher j hyde
Message: Posted by: Scott O. (Dec 12, 2001 07:18AM)
I've been trying to decide which toppit to purchase or "install". I looked at the Transferable Topit, and yes, it is very expensive. As I recall around $100.

Does anyone know the rough cost of having one installed in a coat? Also, which style do you prefer, and (most importantly) why? It seems like a great utility device, and it suits my style. I just don't want to invest a lot of money only to find out I should have done X instead of Y.

Scott O. ;)
Message: Posted by: Jrlove (Dec 14, 2001 02:04PM)
I have seen Jay Scott Berrys lecture and I think his is awesome. Try to email him for his lecture notes.. These are great...

His Topit is very nice.



Its all an illusion
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Dec 28, 2001 05:52AM)
Denny and Lees has the Plans for I think $3.00 and Patrick Page video for $15.00 and Ammar's videos for $80 with plans.

[url=http://www.dennymagic.com/cgi-bin/hazel.cgi][b]Denny and Lees[/b][/url]

Message: Posted by: sclitsome (Jan 29, 2002 09:09PM)
what is jay scott berry's e-mail?
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Message: Posted by: malini (Jan 29, 2002 09:18PM)
Jay is one of the best performers I have seen, and he has a great transferable topit.

Message: Posted by: Prophet (May 18, 2002 05:44AM)
I have a small side question on the topic of a topit. I bought Ammars topit with the 2 tapes and love the idea but have yet to have it installed. My Question is what should I expect to pay to have it instaled in my jacket? Just looking for a rough figure so I don't over pay. Any one know of any other jacket modifications?
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Message: Posted by: BroDavid (May 21, 2002 09:14AM)
I cant say what to pay, I get a few items done at once, and dry cleaning etc, and so I guess I dont even know what I pay to just get one done.

But as for other mods;
1. you can consider a sleeve drop ala Pat Page, sew in. For dropping decks of cards etc into your palm.

2. And you can steal from the bottom edge of your jacket. I have my lining folded up inside along the bottom edge of my jackets to form a hidden area (I just realized how hard this is to describe...) but imagine that the lining is not attached to the jacket, but to another lining, and the result is that I have an area between the inside lining and the jacket proper, that a couple of inches high (high enough to clip a playing card sideways), is not seen from the outside or inside of the jacket but is available to snatch an item with my finger tips. I keep "lit appearing matches" there, and cards, and almost anything that is pretty flat under this lip. I use all kinds of pins and clips here (none permanetly attached) depending on the nature of the item to be hidden ad produced..

Lit matches suddenly displayed in both hands with a simple finger tip steal, and dramatic flourish is fun with this setup. Or you can easily steal up to about 10 cards from a spring clip under the lip.

I have done a bit where I put each of the four aces in different places around and can match a spectators choice of aces in a blink or simply produce them all form nowhere, one at a time.

I imagine that some of the old timers might have used this approach, but I have never read it anywhere, and it just makes sense. And today, wearing "normal looking" clothes, folks dont even guess that your clothes might be gimmicked - even magiicans are capable of being fooled by things like this.

Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (May 21, 2002 11:10AM)
I prefer Dushecks vest It is a topit on one side and has 3 pockets for steals (or you can alter the pockets to store your close up act) on the other side. the other advantage is that as this is a vest worn under your Jacket the wieght of the props/items tossed in the topit(or if you use ammar's bottle production) is taken around your neck and shoulders. No dragging the Jacket down.
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Jul 24, 2002 01:52PM)
The hairnet idea is brilliant, thanx Mumblepeas.