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Topic: This has nothing to do with sideshow
Message: Posted by: thegreatnippulini (Aug 8, 2008 01:07PM)
..but you're reading it anyway. You weirdo. Anyway, it may or may not interest you to know that last week I secured my new 1972 Ford Pinto Station wagon! It is a country squire edition, meaning it has woodgrain panels on the exterior and faux wood accents inside. The car was owned by an old lady named Mrs. Bailey who drove it to church on Sundays and put 68,000 miles on it. Sounds like a cliche sales pitch. I didn't believe it either until I received the original title from 1972... typed in no less! This makes me the second owner of the car. It is in pretty good condition, but sat in a salvage yard for about a decade. I'll post pics soon. My shattered pelvis is still healing, but I can at least install the 8 track stereo and tweak the car out nicely. You may now resume your normal sideshow viewing pleasure.... just check out T-RAYs unending thread.
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Aug 8, 2008 01:34PM)
It's never out, it's never over!

And neither are 8-tracks.
Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Aug 8, 2008 03:29PM)
I want to see pictures of what it looks like before you start working on it!
I know it is going to be absolutely sweet!
Message: Posted by: Big Jeff (Aug 8, 2008 04:56PM)
Ny first car was a 1972 pinto wagon, it was gold and my parents sold it to me for $400 in 1980. That little car would just go and go and go, lots of surf trips in that car.
Message: Posted by: thegreatnippulini (Aug 9, 2008 06:28AM)

Check it out
Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Aug 11, 2008 07:34AM)
Message: Posted by: thegreatnippulini (Aug 12, 2008 04:48PM)
It's looking way sweeter now. Just wait til you see the finished product.