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Topic: Zone Zero on the Street
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Apr 7, 2003 10:30AM)
While it is a bit angley, I was was wondering if anyone has tried or does use Jerry Andrus's Zone Zero on the Street.

I would expect that it would play well in a doorway show, and also if you keep the audience mostly in front. The sides are the potential problem. The back is blocked by you.

I am about to order one, and see if I can provided enough cover on the Exposed side to make it practial on the street, but would appreciate any advice form those who have tried, or do use it.


Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Apr 7, 2003 11:26AM)
I do the trick inside AND LOVE IT!!!

I couldn't work it for the street though..

The dark angel of angles would not allow :(


Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Apr 7, 2003 01:17PM)
Thanks for the input Danny.

And also for the challenge ;)

I am picking it up on Wednesday.

And I would love to be able to pull it off on the street successfully. But yes, the angles are a big, big issue to overcome. So it is a matter of figuring out how to minimize/eliminate the issue..........

Maybe not possible. But who knows? Anyway I will definitely enjoy it where angles are not an issue!

Thanks for the confirmation.

Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Apr 7, 2003 05:52PM)
What is the effect? Never heard of it (and unconcerned about showing my ignorance).

Message: Posted by: Tony Chapparo (Apr 7, 2003 09:26PM)
Would it be possible to use two "helpers" from your audience to help you "hold" the Zone Zero board while facing the audience?

Their bodies might cover the bad angles and they might not be able to catch it, because they would be facing outwards towards audience.

just a thought...
Message: Posted by: r4bid (Apr 8, 2003 05:34AM)
I don't know if this is possible and it would probably weaken the effect but could you build a box using this thing as the top and just not have a bottom? That would allow you to cover the sides a lot more.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Apr 8, 2003 09:52AM)
For James in LA; If ignorance was fatal, we would ALL be dead by now.

Sweet effect. You show a white (or colored and designed) board about (rough guess) 2 X 3 feet with a round hole in the middle. You show both sides. And then holding the board by one hand, reaching around to the front with the other hand, you put an object into the hole, and remove your hand empty. Again show the board front and back, and then reach in again and retrieve the object. (Typically a round ball that you bounce to show genuine - which it is) Properly handled, you can show each hand empty as well, (one at a time, as you have to hold the board!..) before you retrieve the object.

I think there may be video online somewhere..
Search for Zone Zero by Jerry Andrus. In the right hands, and the right venue, it really is a killer effect.

Interesting thought r4bid, but I think a fixed box as you suggested would create some handling problems and increase suspicions.

But you helped me think a step further than I was thinking. And a heavy fringe (2-3 inches) like on the bottom of many magic table cloths, might not be too suspicious, and you work a line of having a magic carpet that used to carry you, but it shrunk in the washer, and got a hole in it, and now you keep losing things in the hole.... Maybe you can even find one of those socks, the washer usually eats.

The plot thickens! I am almost up to a routine, and I haven't even picked mine up yet, So I don't know how practical this would actually be, but until I find out that it won't work, I am thinking the fringe may give the cover needed.

Message: Posted by: r4bid (Apr 8, 2003 01:24PM)
sounds great BroDavid
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Apr 8, 2003 05:04PM)
Thanks for the explanation, BroDavid. I think I did actually recently see a video of this on Hocus Pocus. I like your routine ideas! Please let us know how it goes...