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Topic: Drawing Room Deceptions
Message: Posted by: hojeesum (Apr 9, 2003 05:21AM)
Hey Guys

I was wondering if anyone has this book and what they think of it. What routines are in the book and is restoration a hard effect to pull off. From some videos I've seen online its seems somewhat awkward. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: MacGyver (Apr 10, 2003 07:39AM)
Yes, Its great!

It has gambling, voodoo, prediction, reformation, triumph, and many more!

Yes, it's very hard.
Message: Posted by: Ronin (Apr 10, 2003 03:45PM)
Hey Hojeesum,

There's a "Guy Hollingworth" thread in the cards section of the Café--a lot of debate on the topic of "Guy Hollingworth: too complicated or not?"

I love the book. I consider "Reformation" to be quite intricate, but also consider the effect to be worth it.

The style of the book, and the thinking in it are (to my mind) wonderful. But most of it is fairly advanced card magic. There is a voodoo effect that is quite easy and a real killer, though.
Message: Posted by: jlareau (Apr 11, 2003 12:31PM)
I love Hollingworth's book. Yes, it has some very complicated moves, but at the same time it has some very simple and powerful priciples that most people don't think of. It is a very useful tool, and one that I constantly go back to when I want to get ideas for rethinking a particular move/trick/idea.

I think my favorite move in his book is his version of the pass. It is a little more elaborate than most other versions but I find it very easy to do.

Message: Posted by: danny (Apr 16, 2003 05:21AM)
Is all the magic based around a jacket too? I thought I would ask this because I don't think many beginners reading this will be wearing suits. I could be wrong though.
Message: Posted by: Alan Jackson (Apr 16, 2003 02:03PM)
No: no jacket needed (mostly). There's a chapter which depends on having a specific item of bespoke clothing. The Cassandra Quandary is excellent and so is the (genuinely) torn and (apparently) restored card (not the Reformation). It's not really a beginner's book.