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Topic: One-Handed Pop-Out Move
Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Apr 9, 2003 06:09PM)
I am looking for more info on the One-Handed Pop-Out Move. Who's move is it? Where can I find it in print or video?
Message: Posted by: KC (Apr 9, 2003 06:16PM)

It is Aaron Fisher's one hand version of the J.K. Hartmann Pop-Out. I originally learned it off of the hard-to-find Aaron Fisher Video, [i]Control Freak[/i]. Since then, it has been taught in his book, [i]The Paper Engine[/i]. I also believe that Brian Tudor included it in his video, [i]Show Off 2[/i].

Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Apr 11, 2003 08:39AM)
Thanks KC, I just picked up [i]The Paper Engine[/i] and I'll have to dig out [i]Show Off 2[/i].
Message: Posted by: Saqib16 (Apr 14, 2003 10:22PM)
It's basically a swingcut but with ring pulling out... eh?
Message: Posted by: KC (Apr 15, 2003 01:28AM)
It's better described as the one-hand version of the two-handed J.K. Hartman pop-out.

Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Apr 15, 2003 08:20AM)
K.C. do you do the move with the whole deck? Or do you just use half the deck?
Message: Posted by: KC (Apr 15, 2003 07:03PM)
Hey Mark,

I do it with a full deck and with half the deck. I usually have a card selected, and then I do the pop-out as a card rise. Laymen go "Wow" because they have no clue as to how it's done, magicians tend to go "Wow" because I can actually do the move.

I use half a deck when I do it in both hands. That's when I want to show off for other magicians.

Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (May 13, 2003 09:52AM)
I am still having problems with this moveó I keep dropping the bottom half of the deck when I do the move. Is there a way for me to prevent this? What might I be doing wrong?
Message: Posted by: KC (May 13, 2003 01:41PM)
You hold the bottom half with your middle finger. That's how I prevent the bottom half from falling down.

Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (May 13, 2003 02:19PM)
Do you use your pinky to help keep that card from swinging to the right?
Message: Posted by: guccimagic (May 21, 2003 09:57PM)
I saw this pop out move for the first time the other day and I am glad this thread was already in progress so I could find out where to learn it and who's move it is.
Message: Posted by: Mark Ennis (May 23, 2003 02:58PM)
Aaron's move also appeared in MAGIC magazine many, many years ago as well. (when Richard Kaufman published a column in it) I am not sure how much, (if at all) the move had changed since he first released it.