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Topic: Street Magic License
Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (Apr 10, 2003 12:01AM)
I am aware that street magic requires a license by law. I am wondering first off how do I obtain this license and what are the costs? Also, I am just looking at classic street magic and I have no clue how it works. Consider me the biggest newbie on earth to this type of magic. In other words, HELP! An tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help. I look forward to meeting "the group" here. Hope I am welcome.

Thank you,
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Apr 10, 2003 02:47AM)
It's a city by city situation. Some towns don't require a permit and some do. Santa Monica requires a $35 yearly permit. Other nearby towns do not. Where are in exactly in the southland. I'm in LA.
Message: Posted by: Magicusa (Apr 10, 2003 05:10PM)
Andrew, JamesinLA is right, some cities don't require a permit. To get one, call your City Hall. What I hated was that you need a permit for all the cities you want to work in. One permit doesn't cut it. What I did was to go to a business and ask if I can set up outside their place to help gather people there. In a way, I am working for the business now. That was how I got around the permit.
Message: Posted by: flooglestreet (Apr 11, 2003 12:42PM)
Yes, check with City Hall, and be aware that they may not tell you the truth. Street buskers are very low on the food chain so you may be told you can't busk when the real truth is no permit is required. Also, a permit may not work. I have heard of a guy in Santa Monica who listed a particular prop in his permit, and was closed down by the heat for using that listed prop. Don't let me discourage you, the street is possibly the best school around for learning magic. The best trick is making the audience appear. Fire is good, I've seen a successfull magician wave a juggler's torch to attract people and then discard it. Animals are good, a pet clothed in a way to highlight your theme or (failing that) in sunglasses and backward boxer shorts, (the tail goes through the fly) will help draw a crowd. Then select large quick tricks, stage effects without angle problems (linking rings are my favorite, but a freind got 'busted' by steel workers looking down over his shoulder) and close with a biggie. A strait jacket is worth it's weight in gold. :righton:
Message: Posted by: Scott Xavier (Apr 12, 2003 01:29AM)
Chi-Town is $50 a year.
Message: Posted by: magicman222 (Apr 14, 2003 04:24PM)
Ya, well I'm getting one for my fourteenth birthday, as is my friend Dan. :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: amadrigal (Apr 15, 2003 04:23AM)
On 2003-04-12 02:29, Dr_Zodiac wrote:
Chi-Town is $50 a year.
Thanks, you just answered the question I just posted in another forum.
When do you think you will be in Chicago performing? Can you let me know so I can see a street performance? Email me at amadrigal6@attbi.com

Message: Posted by: Scott Xavier (Apr 16, 2003 12:13AM)
Bolingbrook, we're neighbors! I'll email now...