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Topic: Ultimate Copper Silver Routine
Message: Posted by: jonnyboy (Sep 9, 2008 11:11PM)
I purchased the Ultimate Copper Silver by Tango. Although the coins seem fine, the instructions are utterly incomprehensible, and I suspect are wrong. Can anyone suggest a routine or point me in the right direction of one to do the UCS? Such as a book or video that describes the use of these gaffs? If concerned about exposure, a PM would be great. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: John Long (Sep 13, 2008 03:32PM)
I didn't notice a problem with the directions, do you have a Johnson set?
Anyway, you can do about any of the scotch and Soda - I think Royal Magic has a DVD for it
Message: Posted by: jonnyboy (Sep 13, 2008 10:24PM)
Thanks for replying. Actually, no, I have a set by Tango, not Johnson and the instructions were gibberish. Can one do anything different with UCS than Scotch and Soda, or are these exactly the same? The effect reads differently in the advertisements, and seems more of a transposition of copper and silver from hand to hand. I have the Royal Magic S&S DVD, that is a good one.
Message: Posted by: John Long (Sep 15, 2008 10:07AM)
Although some think the UCS is significantly different than S&S, I see them as essentially the same. Seems like there was an effect that was better for the UCS, but I don't remember what it was now.

There is an effect in the S&S dvd, Bill Swindle, that would be a bit better with the UCS (the gaffed half piece looks a bit better).
Message: Posted by: jonnyboy (Sep 15, 2008 03:38PM)
Thanks, John. I am somewhat surprised that the people who think the UCS is significantly different than S&S haven't posted with some pointers towards sources. I will look at Bill Swindle, as you suggest.

Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Sep 17, 2008 05:37PM)
Hi John,
I had A repete Copper-Silver Change routine Useing it my 2Th. set of Notes
Over 20 or so years ago! P.M. mr for more Info!
Message: Posted by: jonnyboy (Sep 17, 2008 09:37PM)
That is very nice of you, David, I will do so.