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Topic: E books question
Message: Posted by: The Pianoman (Mar 11, 2002 12:59AM)
Hi all, Could someone tell me exactly what I need to do to open the "Reader Versions " of the downloadable books offered on the net.
I have downloaded a few and they arrive on my desktop with the Extention *.it

I then unzip them.

I have win Reader version 2.0 installed and yet when I try to open the unzipped books I am told that the file I am trying to open is "Not a valid WIN32 application".

All those lovely tricks waiting for me, "So near and yet so far"

So.... anyone that could offer me some assistance will go straight to the top of my Xmas card "A" list!!!

Regards and thanks in advance

Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Mar 11, 2002 07:15AM)
Hmm...all the e-books that I have gotten from the web have been .exe files. Can you give me a url where I can get one of these .it files? I'll play around with it and see if I can get it to open.

:patty: Mary B.
Message: Posted by: Peter695 (Mar 11, 2002 09:07AM)

Don't computers make life easy?

Enough sarcasm. Get something to write with.

You might try renaming the files with an extension similar to the extensions that work with your reader. (".it" is an extension). Write down everything you do so you can put everything back if it doesn't work. Try changing the file name from .it to .doc .

You may need a particular reader for the files you have. You should be able to find this info on the web site from which you purchased the e-book(s).

Are the files zipped?

Let us know.

Message: Posted by: The Pianoman (Mar 11, 2002 11:38AM)
Hi again, Its the free E books on the web site called AllMagicGuide.

Regards and thanks

Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Mar 11, 2002 11:54AM)
Have you activated your Reader program? The files may be copy protected, and it seems the Reader has to be activated in order to read them.

Message: Posted by: RayBanks (Mar 11, 2002 02:56PM)
There are three types of files on the almagic.com site.

The Palm doc version is for devices (PDA's) that use the Palm OS and do not have graphics.

The Mobilpocket version is also for Palm OS and Windows CE and does include graphics.

The reader version is for any Windows OS.

You need a specific reader for each version. You would probably need the Microsoft Reader. All three readers are down-load-able from the same page. Thw Windows files unzip to a *.lit file.

Hope this helps. There are some good things on that page.
Message: Posted by: The Pianoman (Mar 12, 2002 02:02AM)
Hi again, I have now activated the reader program..... and downloaded the E books again and yet after unzipping them..when I try to open them... it still says that c:/alandavidson/uzipped/hauntedkey is not a valid WIN32 application.

All ideas welcomed

Regards Alan
Message: Posted by: dekkeret (Mar 12, 2002 09:22AM)
I solved the problem downloading the Mobilpocket versions of ebooks: there is a version of this reader for regular Windows on Mobilpocket site.