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Topic: Invisible Coin (In the Card section?)
Message: Posted by: Charles Adams (Sep 19, 2008 04:22PM)

I have acquired a gaffed card that consists of eight cards glued together with the inner six having an elongated "U" shape cut out with the open part of the "U" cut to the top edge of the glued packet. The top card of the eight card packet has a hinged flap cut out so that a quarter can be hidden in the recess and drop through the flapped opening.

The instruction sheet says "INVISIBLE COIN (A COIN MAGICALLY APPEARS IN A GLASS). There is no name, date, or other information on the instruction sheet. Does anyone know anything about this gaff?
Message: Posted by: Leo-Kim (Sep 21, 2008 02:37PM)
I bought an effect called invisible quarters put out by empire/Loftus.
It's a deck with the gimmick added. Am I allowed to enlighten baldr (and everyone else reading this) how to use the deck?

Micke J
Message: Posted by: DonHarlan (Sep 24, 2008 10:58PM)
This also sounds like a trick called breaking through.