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Topic: Which form of magic is better to get into?
Message: Posted by: ChrisMagic52 (Apr 12, 2003 06:40PM)
Which form of magic is better to get into doing, Sponge Balls or Ropes?
Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Apr 12, 2003 07:10PM)
Considering that you are in a "Mentalism" forum, I might suggest that you go back and re-read your basics first. Since sponge balls are popular and rope tricks can be more novel, (if you do something other than the trick of the week) I would suggest that you learn both.
PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: chrismatt (Apr 12, 2003 10:12PM)
On the other hand, it might be quite a challenge to devise a mentalism or psychic effect, using both rope and sponge balls. How about tying the hands of a medium and having a "clown's nose" appear on the tip of the medium's nose? I guess not. How about a spectator holding onto one end of a rope, and receiving impressions (via an embedded plate lifter) of how many sponge balls you've grabbed from a pocket? Still not quite there.
Message: Posted by: E-Leoni (Apr 12, 2003 10:46PM)
Go with the sponge balls. Have specki put a
sponge ball in one of their hands behind their back, and you guess which hand it's in.

Message: Posted by: kuffs (Apr 13, 2003 01:55AM)
I have come up with a lottery prediction routine using sponge balls, maybe it will be included in my new book for those curious about it.

I even did it for a publicity stunt, so I think when the routine covers the props; it can be perceived very differently from a magic prop.

But, I think you have not chosen the right place for the answer you demand.

Like someone has already written, why not learn both? This way you can't go wrong.


Message: Posted by: brainman (Apr 13, 2003 02:08AM)
Start with the sponges. If your performance is not good enough, your spectators will tie you up. ;)

Good luck,
Message: Posted by: Lior (Apr 13, 2003 03:21AM)
Ropes are better for stage, but sponge balls are better for close up. But, you can do them on stage as well.

And I think that there are much better things for mentalism, like coins and cards.

Message: Posted by: jlibby (Apr 13, 2003 11:38AM)
Wasn't there a Karrell Fox effect where someone chose a picture of a clown with a colored nose? The mentalist incorrectly names the color, then turns around wearing a clown nose of the correct color.

See ya!
Joe L.
Message: Posted by: shrink (Apr 20, 2003 04:24PM)
How about having three or four pieces of cord in your hand hanging out of your closed fist. Two or three spectators choose a cord but the mentalist is always left with the longest cord?

I don't know where that came from. Is this a marketed effect? Im sure I've read about it somewhere. If not how could it be done sounds like a good idea ....
Message: Posted by: Symmatrix (Apr 23, 2003 09:06AM)
For my suggestion stick to sponge balls.
Sponge is great...you can do close up and manipulation and gals just love those spongy thing.

Symmatrix :firedevil:
Message: Posted by: Victor Brisbin (Apr 24, 2003 12:12AM)
I say do both! Both props are very magical, economical, and compact. :bigdance: (spongeball)
Message: Posted by: HiraseMagic (Apr 24, 2003 01:25AM)
Sponge Balls always give you excellent response. First, try the multipying sponge balls...followed by the multipying rabbits and so...There are so many good sponge tricks. I cannot recommend enough.