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Topic: Presentation idea for converter
Message: Posted by: JSBLOOM (Sep 28, 2008 12:03PM)
If you own this nifty gaff and have to insert the King of clubs, why not patter that he will attempt to find the card by stabbing the deck and the card right below will be the selected card? Set up is KC then gaff then another KC.
Have card chosen and tell them the King is going to perform the infamous card stab trick. He is the best because the other black king is a joker and the King of hearts is actually stabbing him self in his head.
You insert him FD ( blind folded) and remove the card below him after flipping the deck over so they see him.
You then remove him since his job is done and keep him facedown ( really it is the selection)
At this point, patter how he never misses. They turn over the card, and it is the KC! You then say, if the KC is in your hand, he can't be in my hand and reveal.
It seems like if your gaff is KC and KS, it leads in perfectly to a card stab presentation and if you have the KS gaff, you have a joker under the gaff cards and you can use jokers are wild line. Wait a second... have you ever taking a close look at the joker, the KS is riding the bike so KS is actually the joker, so he must be wild.
Tell them to wave KS over the joker and if jokers are wild, it will change into your card. Nothing happens then tell them , well check the KS in your hand.