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Topic: Where can I find 'this' Copper/Silver routine?
Message: Posted by: DaveM (Sep 30, 2008 08:10PM)
Last year, while visiting a local magic store, a senior magician taught me a very nice copper/silver routine. Since then, I've forgotten the nuances and unfortunately can't get in touch with the magician to ask. Here's what it looked like to the spec:

Performer brings out a silver dollar and asks spec to hold out hand, palm down. Performer reaches under his hand and cleanly places the silver dollar into his hand and closes it. Spec keeps his hand extended. Performer than reaches into his pocket and fetches a penny, and holds it up at his fingetips. He then causes the penny to transform to the silver dollar. The spec then opens his hand and the silver dollar has transformed to a dollar-sized Penny.

I really liked this effect. Does anyone know the origins?

Message: Posted by: mystre71 (Sep 30, 2008 09:01PM)
I think Martin Lewis has an effect like that on his DVD.

Message: Posted by: langston3711 (Oct 1, 2008 08:38AM)
There is a great effect just like that which I use on Dan Watkins Coin Man Walking DVD. Except you don't put the coin under they're hand you rest it on the tip of your index finger and they grab it off into they're fist. 2 part routine examinable both before and after the effect.
Message: Posted by: Joshua Barrett (Oct 1, 2008 09:17AM)
Pete Biro was just talking about this in another thread. I bought a dollar-sized penny from Brad Burt and just worked several handlings out. It's not hard at all to create a method with general knowledge of coin magic.
Message: Posted by: NicholasD (Oct 1, 2008 09:35AM)
It's called - Penny - Penny, Who's Got the Penny? I first saw it in a small booklet by Jerry Mentzer called [b]Super Cents[/b] (1975). He doesn't credit anyone, so it may have been his idea to use the silver dollar and the Sudbury Penny to perform the Copper/Silver transposition.

For a more recent reference, I just remembered that Steve Draun does a very nice handling of this effect on disc 3 of his DVD set [b]Standing Room Only[/b]. A very well thought out use of the props.