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Topic: Thanks for having such a great site
Message: Posted by: Justin McWilliams (Apr 15, 2003 01:02PM)
Steve, I just wanted to say thank you to you for having an excellent site. Thanks to everyone's help, I have a show almost ready to present, and can get back into performing.

Thanks, you are the best Steve. :bigdance: whoo!!! whoo!!!
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Apr 15, 2003 03:38PM)
You are very welcome. :nod: It is indeed comforting to know that [b]The Magic Café[/b] is helping so many folks and creating ever lasting friendships along the way. :)
Message: Posted by: Alex W. (Apr 15, 2003 08:31PM)
I agree one-hundred percent. Over at another popular magic forum (I won't say which), there is a discussion about whether or not the war in Iraq is justified. What the hey? What does this have to do with magic? I am [i]so[/i] glad there is none of that here.