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Topic: Double sided coin
Message: Posted by: MarkTirone (Oct 10, 2008 01:58PM)
Does anybody know where I can get a really cheap double sided quarter or half dollar coin with the heads side? I have a routine where you play flip a coin with the spectator. but the coin always lands on tails side and after a few turns they always tell you that its a double sided trick coin. You show the coin to have 2 tails side and then flip the coin again and ask them which side it is, and when you open your hand, its an examinable double heads side coin. Just a simple idea with a really simple mid air switch I devised (think)
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Oct 13, 2008 08:49AM)
On 2008-10-10 14:58, MarkTirone wrote:
... with a really simple mid air switch I devised (think)

How would you define your "mid air switch": a mid air technique or a seemingly mid air switch (the actual switch being made before or after the toss)?
Message: Posted by: MarkTirone (Oct 13, 2008 10:21AM)
Well the switch happens half way in the air and half way in your hand. Basically you do a "from the air production" with the switch coin as the other coin is falling into your hand. I hope that doesent count as exposure, if It does I would be more than happy to delete this.
Message: Posted by: amerigo (Oct 29, 2008 09:55AM)
Try E-bay the seller is Amazing Magic for Less . They sell a double headed half dollar for $7.99 plus shipping ,the total is about $11.00. This is the best price I found and the coin I received is well made.
Message: Posted by: MarkTirone (Oct 29, 2008 02:17PM)
Thanks Amerigo! I will look for that.
Message: Posted by: jhereg (Nov 2, 2008 01:03AM)
On 2008-10-15 16:15, MarkTirone wrote:
I actually make almost all of my coin gaffs by hand. I have made almost ever kind of gaff you can imagine (Thats about 12 different kinds to me, idk if there are more out there) You can email me and I can help you out.

This is what you said in "The Craft of Gaffs..."

Why don't you make one?