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Topic: Well this is how I NOW look.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Oct 14, 2008 11:12AM)
Well, my hair is naturally brunette, but for the first time, this Summer I've started dying my Hair, Eye-Brows, Mustache and Goattee JET BLACK. I wear all black, even got black sneakers. People like it a lot. My "Magician Look" has always been a crew cut, mustache and goatee anyway. I kinda like the Dark & Mysterious look, plus besides being Catholic, and a Metalhead, I'm a bit Gothic. The black adds more color to my face anyway. My uncle when he first heard thought it was stupid till he saw it and he said I look great plus it hides my very few grays. My eyes are my stregnth. You've heard me talking about how certain Magicians have that specific "Intense Mind-Reading Stare", I do and it TRULY freaks people out. I not only want my Magic / Mentalism, to freak people out (I) want to, you know give them a thrill. Rarely (only once so far), I've put on what is called "Corpse Paint". It comes from NOT Heavy Metal bands BUT "Black Metal" bands mostly coming from Norway and Sweden. Now I'm NOT AT ALL into stuff they are into, but I like the make-up style. Like my Magic, it's EXTREMELY intense and grabs you by the throat. It's NOT Mime or Clown, and it does NOT scare kids. My audience is mostly 13-35 or so, and only 30% are 12 ans under. I perform for teens mostly, and I got lots of compliments, a older guy asked for a card, and I even Hypnotized someone in it, and you know they have to feel safe for that to happen. HTML is off, I was hoping to go to photo bucket and just put the pictures up here. How do I turn HTML on? Anyway I'll give you the links to the pics...

Okay this here is how I look 95% of the time when doing my Magic. This is the pic I want in my Avatar


Here is my "Mind-Reading" well kind of stare.


Here is my FAVORITE "Corpse Paint" Pic.


Scariest "Corpse Paint" Pic. This is TAME. I want to get those fluorecent contacts, or the white contacts plus a black robe hood down of course because of my Hat. I LOVE Horror movies, Metal, hence this look. Sometimes I will go around down dressed like this.


Just a Straight Pic without my Top Hat.


Oh yes I'M A UNCLE NOW. My sister had Kayla Marie on 9-23-08 at 4:22PM . This is a pic of me holding her when she was 6 days old.


I hope that works. In the tech area you'll see a post where I tested putting up photos. I clicked on the links nothing worked but I think that was because photo bucket was already opened. I tried attachments didn't work, IMG Code wasn't verified, those are the direct link option. I ONLY want those pics to open not my whole folder. I'm new to this. If thise doesn't work I'll try again, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Oct 14, 2008 11:19AM)
Okay cool it worked, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: Destiny (Oct 14, 2008 01:00PM)
[quote]I ONLY want those pics to open not my whole folder.[/quote]

It works. Only the individual pics open.

In order to see the entire folder I had to delete back it in the address bar.

Fond of a shapely foot, I notice.

Elvis apparently had a like inclination.

Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Oct 14, 2008 01:08PM)
Yes...HaHaHa, Thanks Destiny, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: Natanel (Oct 14, 2008 02:15PM)
Message: Posted by: Natanel (Oct 14, 2008 02:22PM)
I assume you posted those because you are looking for criticism - so here goes. The corpse paint in particular looks costume-y in an amateurish way. I think this would be an incredibly difficult look to pull of and I would avoid it.

Most Black Metal bands don't even do that anymore - even when they did it was kind of campy. I happen to be a huge Black Metal fan so I know this sort of look can be done more subtly. I wouldn't dye your hair black either, this is another look that is very difficult to pull off. You want to develop your style from the ground up, not jump right in to dye and face paint. Browse fashion websites, checkout clothing stores and firgure out what sorts of materials and colors attract you.

Remember you don't have to dress all black for a darker aesthetic - greys, dark reds, tans, etc can all work very well towards this sort of look. I reccomend stylezeitgeist.com, as a fashion website with a dark aesthetic. Take a look through the "What are you wearing today" section for some artful, goth-inspired fashion.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Oct 14, 2008 02:45PM)
Awesome thanks, that's good advice as far as wearing all black that's not too new as I've pretty much done that all along. I'm more into Thrash Metal myself like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Anthrax OLD STUFF of course. I just kinda like the dark mysterious look kinda like a Max Maven, or David Blaine. As far as Black Hair, Eye-Brows, Mustache and Goatee to me it adds color to my face I think. Thanks I'll check out that site, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: Natanel (Oct 14, 2008 02:52PM)

That's a direct link to the WAYWT thread. I think you will enjoy browsing the outfits there, and checking out some of the brands - these items do tend to be on the pricey side, but it's still worth looking at for inspiration.

when it comes to metal I prefer the more modern, experimental stuff. The Scandinavians pioneered Black Metal, but there has been some great US Black Metal recently. I particularly like Nachtmystium and Wolves in the Throne Room.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Oct 14, 2008 07:08PM)
Thanks bud, Your Friend, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: JackScratch (Oct 15, 2008 12:41PM)
It will be very easy to take what I am about to say as an attack, please do not. I offer these thoughts only in the spirit of construction.

As magicians we represent the "darker" side of entertainment. When looking to accentuate that "darkness" there is a word your audience will expect you to keep in mind "Subtle". I don't know you. I don't know your character. I don't know what effect you are attempting to achieve. It is very difficult to tell what you have achieved from a simple "bust" photo. If you are trying for "over the top", you look like you may have achieved it. I would normally recommend against "over the top", but then, I don't know you, I don't know your character, I don't really know what you are trying to achieve. Natanel has given you some very good suggestions, but let me give you another one "Clothes make the Man." The first impression you make on people is what they see. What do you want that first impression to be, what is that first impression currently? It is my impression, and I will readily accept that it may be completely wrong, that you are trying too hard to be something you aren't. For your audience to believe you are something, you can't look like it takes any effort to be it. It certainly can't look like you just missed the mark. The Devil is in the details.

Example. You are wearing a top hat. What kind of top hat? Is it an expensive top hat? Where did you buy it? Is it likely your audience has encountered such a hat before? Might they know where you bought it, and how much it costs? What does this tell them about you? All of that is just your hat. Work your way slowly to your feet, asking these questions about each and every element of your attire. Little things will have huge effects. If you aren't comfortable in your clothing, your audience will feel it. If you cut corners, it will have an impression on your audience. You don't have to be rich to dress the part, but it does require some research. Little things like grooming are no different. Even the makeup, Hire a pro, find a pro, or BE a pro. Otherwise you will look like you are going to a goth football game.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Oct 15, 2008 01:15PM)
Thanks a little about me. I'm actually a Semi-Devout Catholic. I ALWAYS wear a nice crucifix. I also like Metal Music, Horror Movies, and Goth a bit. Now my Hat I would consider it My Signature. I got it at a tux place for like $30.00, and I've always dressed in dark colors. As far as personality and presentation, I'm a lot like David Blaine and Max Maven, BUT I also use one-liners occasionally like Jay Sankey, or Bill Malone. I specialize in Close-Up Magic Cards Mostly, and 95% of my Magic is "Street Magic" or Busking as you will. I might do 1-3 hired gigs a year but 11 Summers now, I've performed in the same place, same time. Only 30% of my audience is kids surisingly. No, I perform mostly for High-Schoolers, and College Students, roughly Ages 13-30/35. The people I perform for are people that have followed me for years and know me. I got a fanclub on myspace & facebook actually. I'm HUGELY into Mentalism, Street Hypnosis and NLP. Yes I actually do 25 minute Hypnosis routines, and people will wait the 8 minutes or so for my Hypnotic Induction. I've hypnotized people in my make-up, and you know they got to trust you. I'm a very sensitive person, a bit of a softy, with a good heart. I'm passionate and fiery with a bit of a temper. No the only things I changed is dying my hair which I've gotten nothing but compliments. I'm naturally brunette with a tiny bit of gray. I HATE GRAY. I don't look as "Bland" now I think when I had brown hair. I've like I said ONLY performed once in Corpse Paint, and got compliments. I will in the future I'm sure again.

Now as far as professional Experience, I started 17 years ago, as a Magician, and I was a Certified Clown. I was a Sad / Hobo "Tramp Clown". I have not dressed as a Clown in 5 years just too much work. I do balloon animals RARELY (like 8 basic shapes). Every May there is a Children's Day, and really that's the only time I do Balloons. I'll do like 400 shaped that day and little Magic. My Magic is the kind that's hit ya right between the eyes, intense. Imagine this, you do your Magic, and of course your last trick is the absolute best. Well the tricks I do, can ALL be finalies so it's like Bam...Bam...Bam, intense stuff. And YES I do as well have finale tricks. People swear, run down the side-walk, throw things down...etc, as you see in the David Blaine Specials. I've gotten more into Mentalism, Metal Bending, and so on. Last Summer I started the hypnosis, I've been Certified 2 years. Also in my teens I was big into escapes, some underwater, straight jacket and so on. Actually reading 8 bios on Houdini was, what got me into Magic. So that's my story I guess. Thanks Again for the Advice and Suggestions, Ed.
Message: Posted by: Ken The Klown (Oct 22, 2008 11:16AM)
Party on KING DIAMOND style!!!
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Dec 6, 2008 05:07PM)
Best look in the café: Circus Bambouk (look at his avatar). Light but to the point. Just great (IMHO)