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Topic: Dancing Hank Vs Unltimate hank
Message: Posted by: sherifmayika (Oct 16, 2008 12:37AM)
What is the difference between dancing hank
this http://www.seanbogunia.com/store33/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=22

Is it possible to make it easily? Is there any books or vedios on that?

Any kind of help would be appreciated

Message: Posted by: magicians (Oct 16, 2008 10:43AM)
I used to handle the Don Wayne version which is part of the Bogunia effect. That (at $140) seems to be a bargain, as the Don Wayne alone is $60-$80. The first link is a poorly made toy, and a copy of Dushek's Waltzing Mathilda. The Dushek version was always a favorite of mine, then Bob Little from Hatboro put out a slightly different version in that the gimmick was thinner and in my opinion, more versatile.
The price difference between the two effects is major, but I get an awful lot of animation from the Bob Little dancing (I think it was called Dancing silk.) So for $10-$12 vrs $140, its a major difference in animation.
I do not think you will like the quality of the one you linked to, as it is made cheaply by a toy company.
Try Bob Little:
Message: Posted by: sherifmayika (Oct 31, 2008 11:57PM)
Thanks, for the respone really useful infomartion.
Is there any book or documentation on this topic, I love to build tricks for me at my workshop not only because of cost but I like to add a personal touch
Message: Posted by: Mind_Magic (Nov 1, 2008 11:21AM)

There is a lot of difference on both. I think you want to compare Apples and pears.

Dancing Hank is an easy and cheap prop I used for close-up and small parties. You manipulate with one finger to make it dance. It takes time to skill the moves but when you master then you can do a lot of nice “dance” moves.

Ultimate Hank is a high tech prop I used for Stage shows, with a “program” I make it dance. It’s great and amazing as all of Sean products.

The first one is an easy but ingenious prop and it doesn’t means that it’s bad. I used it to close my birthday parties as part of a silk routine years ago.

I suggest you to read in details the features of each one and get what you are looking for based on your needs and budget.

Good luck!
Message: Posted by: revmike (Nov 6, 2008 08:46PM)
I would be careful because you may be infringing on intellectual property. There is way too much taking of somebody else's work and inspiration in the magic world.
Message: Posted by: magicians (Nov 6, 2008 09:16PM)
So, RevMike,
Would you rather waltzing Mathilda by Dushek
Dancing silk by Bob little
or make your own?
Was there something in Tarbell, or Marconick or silk king on these methods?
You mean there's protection for magic and inspiration?
I have had over a dozen of my original effects wind up in someone else's factory..how does the new buyer know??